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What Causes Premature Eyelash Fall and What Can Be Done to Prevent It?

Each of us has eyelashes, which are nothing more than a type of hair that grows at the border of the eyelids and serves to shield the eyes from small particles of dust and debris that enter the eye. Read about What Causes Premature Eyelash Fall below.

Each of our lashes has a growth cycle, and the growth cycle is separated into three primary phases that are known as anagen, catagen, and telogen. Each of our lashes has a growth cycle, and the growth cycle has several phases that are related to its growth.

During the anagen phase, which is when the eyelashes grow from the root follicles, the anagen phase is completed, and the telogen phase begins, during which the growth of eyelashes is slower than during the previous phase. When the eyelash reaches the catagen phase, it begins to come out in large quantities.

If an eyelash goes through all three of these phases before falling off, it is said to have finished its growth cycle. However, if an eyelash comes off during the growing or resting phases of the cycle, it is said to have experienced premature falling of the eyelashes.

Shedding is the term used to describe the premature falling of the eyelashes, and there are a range of factors that might contribute to the shedding of your lash line.

The fact that a couple of eyelashes fall out every day is normal, but if you notice that your lashes have been short and thin and have been falling out more frequently than you would like, you should seek medical attention to rule out the potential of premature dropping of the eyelashes.

The following are the most common factors that can contribute to the early losing of eyelashes in both men and women:


Stress is similar to smoking tobacco products in that it causes such significant damage to practically every part of our body that we may experience major medical difficulties as a result of the seemingly common stress we experience in our daily lives.

As you will notice, stress can cause the loss of eyelashes, and it is not a problem that is limited to the eyes only. If you have been going through a stressful period in your life, you may have noticed that you have experienced hair loss, your eyebrows may have become thinner, and even your nails may not be growing as well as they should.

Additionally, it has been found that when we are worried, we tend to brush our faces and our eyes more frequently, and because our eyelashes are sensitive, the friction that results from this might cause them to fall out more easily, regardless of the growth phase they are in.

What can we do to prevent our lashes from falling out prematurely as a result of stress?

We may never be able to completely eradicate stress from our lives, but we can take steps to lessen it or manage it more effectively in our own ways. Everyone reacts differently to stress, therefore if you are someone who has a propensity of repeatedly stroking their faces when under pressure, you should find something that will keep your hands occupied while under strain.

Get a stress ball that you may push when you are stressed; this can allow you to reduce tension as well as the need to touch your face and eyes, which can help to avoid the loss of eyelashes due to excessive touching.

Activities such as winding down at the end of the day, meditation, and listening to soft music can also assist you in managing your stress and reducing hair loss, as well as shedding and thinning of the eyelashes and other skin problems.

On your lashes, there is a build-up of product:

There are a range of products that we can use to make our eyelashes appear longer and more voluminous. The majority of these have a waterproof solution, which allows the make-up to last for several hours on our eyes. However, one main disadvantage of waterproof eye make-up products is that they are difficult to remove.

When it comes to cleaning our eyelashes, we frequently require a particular substance, and when we are too fatigued, we may overlook to thoroughly clean our lashes as a result.

In addition, these substances can cause a buildup or a film of makeup to form on the lashes, and they can even clog the root follicles of the lashes, impairing their ability to grow out of their roots in the future. This might cause your lashes to become shorter and weaker, which can result in rapid shedding and an uneven appearance as a result.

What can we do to keep our eyelashes from becoming clogged with product?

Ideally, avoid applying water-resistant eye makeup every day and opt to leave your eyelashes makeup-free whenever possible. This will allow your eyelashes to breathe or just exist without the need for an additional coating to be applied to them. Important point in our article What Causes Premature Eyelash Fall.

Ensure that you remove any waterproof eye make-up you are wearing before going to bed. This may include mascara, eyeshadow, and eyeliner, to name a few possibilities.

Because these oils also serve as nourishing agents for your eyelash growth, you can use different types of oils to remove waterproof eye makeup. Almond oil and coconut oil are two examples of such oils.

A layer of these oils can also be applied to your eyelashes after washing them of all the drying make-up products. This helps to restore the moisture that has been lost.

Keep in mind that your eye make-up removal should be done with care because your eyelashes are sensitive and can break if you use too much pressure while washing them.

After removing your makeup, you can use products such as Careprost to encourage the healthy growth of your eyelashes and to strengthen the root follicles of your lashes.

Deficiency in Nutrients:

Our eyelashes, like other portions of our bodies, require food from the outside as well as the inside, just like the rest of us. The lack of essential nutrients that encourage eyelash growth, as well as the failure to apply nourishing oils and serums to your lashes in order to restore the damage caused by numerous reasons, may be the cause of shedding of your eyelashes.

What is the best way to provide food for eyelash growth?

Internal nutrition can be provided through food products, with protein and B vitamin-rich foods being particularly beneficial in the development of beautiful and long eyelashes.

Careprost can also be used to nourish your eyelashes, as it is an excellent topical remedy for the stimulation of healthy eyelash growth that works wonders.

Bimat eye drops can also be used as a volume booster for the lash line, and it is widely prescribed throughout the world for boosting the length, volume, and colour of the eyelashes.

These are some of the most prevalent causes of premature eyelash loss, and these tips have been tried and tested by a large number of people, with the majority of them proving to be beneficial.

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