What is a “Doodle” Dog?

Doodle dogs or “doodles” are one of the most sought-after dog hybrid breeds in 2022. So you might be asking yourself, “what is a doodle dog anyway?” Doodles are a combination of dog breeds, with one parenting dog being the poodle. The poodle parent is where the “oodle” in doodle originates from and is often included in many doodle breed names such as the goldendoodle, sheepadoodle, aussiedoodle, etc. However, even if the name doesn’t specifically say “doodle” in it, any purebred dog crossed with a poodle is considered a doodle dog. More subtle names like the cockapoo or maltipoo may not be instantly recognizable as a hybrid poodle breed.

Why Are Doodles So Popular?
One of the main reasons doodles are so popular could be attributed to the fact that they’re not just one single dog breed. The extensive array of doodles matching different lifestyles and meeting people’s preferences in different ways has opened up a larger community of doodle enthusiasts than your typical purebred breed. From their teddy bear-like features to their fantastic range of affection, most doodles make fantastic family dogs and have erupted into popularity purely by word of mouth. But be aware these amazing dogs need activity and most families add a dog fence to their yard so days of play can be both healthy and safe.

Hypoallergenic Coat
One of the doodle’s most sought-after qualities is its hypoallergenic, non-shedding coat. This is a perk for people with asthma or mild dog allergies, allowing them to own a doodle with no significant issues. In contrast, they would usually be unable to own a dog due to the higher level of contact with the dog dander of a typical shedding breed.

Beyond the allergies, having a dog with little to no shedding can also benefit your average pet owner. While you may have to put more effort into scheduling regular grooming appointments for your doodle (or learning to do it yourself), it’s an easy price to pay compared to lint rolling hair off your clothes before big events, vacuuming floors, couch cushions, and constantly trying to banish fur from the furniture and nearby surfaces.

The second biggest reason people are so heavily drawn to doodle dogs lies in the variety and versatility of these dogs. Doodles come in a wide range of sizes, colors, coat textures, and energy levels. There seems to be a doodle for every lifestyle, from the largest mastiff doodles to the most miniature teacup doodles. Having a dog that carries the wonderful benefits of owning a doodle while still being almost customizable is something you don’t find with many other breeds outside of these fluffy hybrid dogs.

Thinking of Adding a Doodle to Your Family?
Thousands of people consider adding a doodle to their family, but finding the right doodle for you is one of the first places to start. Narrowing it down to a specific doodle breed will bring you much closer to your new pet. Even with your particular breed in mind, searching the internet for “whoodle puppies for sale,” “maltipoo puppies for sale,” or “goldendoodle puppies for sale” can land you pages upon pages of results; not all good ones. The tricky part is evaluating who to buy your next doodle dog from. You’ll want to ensure your new doodle dog comes from a reputable breeder who completes proper genetic testing and preferably offers a health guarantee. Once you find the breeder who suits your preferences and breeds with the health and temperament of the puppies in mind, you’re ready to place a deposit and bring your new doodle dog home!

Who knows, after seeing how amazing these dogs are and the incredible benefits they offer, you might even return to your breeder to get grandma her next faithful companion!

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