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What is a Forex Bonus? Learn about all Forex Bonuses!

The global business of trading becomes increasingly attractive as more and more people decide to trade on the Forex market as a revenue source. This creates a fierce environment for Forex brokers who want to attract more customers and that is why they offer a wide array of appealing Forex bonus offers.
There are Forex brokers who offer bonuses that can be profitable to your trades however, certain bonuses have complicated clauses and terms. This is why it is crucial to fully comprehend the Forex bonus and how it functions prior to selecting the broker you want to use and signing up for the forex bonus offered by them. Here at BestFXBonus we offer you up-to current information on the most effective Forex bonuses, as and a complete list of bonuses that are available for new and experienced traders.

Forex bonus is a deal or offer that is available to both existing and new customers on an Forex broker’s site. Forex brokers provide these promotions to new customers to increase their trading volume in the hopes to attract more customers as well as keep their client retention at a high level.

There are various types of Forex bonuses available for both novice or experienced traders. Each comes having specific benefits and conditions. It is the reason you should search for the top Forex bonuses that match your specific needs for trading.

There are many kinds of Forex Bonuses & CRM for FX brokerage. Each one works in a different way and offers different benefits based on the needs of the user:

1. Forex No Deposit Bonus

This type of bonus can be considered to be the top Forex bonus for many traders, especially those who are new to the market, since it does not require a deposits. The traders can avail this bonus in order to start trading as soon as they sign up for an account. So they can participate in trading without dangers. The bonuses for free Forex provided by brokers vary between $5 and $100. You can find them all in the the Forex no deposit bonus section on the site.

2. Forex Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses for Forex are an offer that is only available to traders upon registering a genuine Forex account. This kind of offer is only available for new clients only and existing customers are not able to take advantage of the bonus. The Forex Welcome Bonus is available as a deposit bonus or a no deposit bonus. If you’re unfamiliar with Forex or the Forex market, you must think about this kind of bonus.

3. Forex Deposit Bonus

Forex Deposit Bonus is available to traders who deposit a particular amount of money in the Forex accounts. This kind of bonus is typically offered to all customers as long as they register on the site and have made an account deposit. The Forex Deposit Bonus is typically calculated as a percent. For example, if an offer is a deposit bonus, and you make an $1000 deposit to your account, you’ll immediately receive a $200 bonus. Now, you have $1200 available in your account to use for trading.

4. Forex Regular Customer Bonus

The name implies that Forex Regular Customer Rewards offers advantages and rewards to long-term customers of Forex brokers. This kind of bonus is only be claimed if traders have been in the company for specific period of time. Their knowledge and loyalty are the primary reasons for this kind of reward is given.

5. Forex Reload Bonus

The Forex Reload Bonus FxPro is a customized bonus offered to existing customers only. Brokers usually offer a specific amount of cash back when customers perform their next refill (Deposit). For instance, a broker will give you 75% of the bonus when you deposit a new money within the next 3 days. This kind of bonus is among the best offers you can take advantage of, especially in the case of a regular trader who makes deposits and trades often.

6. Forex Cashback Bonus

The Forex Cashback Bonus is bonus that is in the form of cashback given to traders in exchange on every trade they execute. This cashback will be transfered into your trading account once the trades are successfully executed. For instance when a broker offers the trader with a cashback of $2 and you sign up for a single lot trade, you’ll receive a cashback of $2 that is deposited into your account.

7. Forex Loyalty Bonus

Forex Loyalty Bonus is a reward which is a in the form of loyalty points. A lot of reputable Forex brokers offer loyalty points (under different conditions, terms or even names) that can be later traded for other rewards. The loyalty points can be utilized to get bonuses from the broker in the form of credit, cash and better trading conditions and more.

8. Forex VIP Bonus

The Forex VIP Bonus differs from other bonuses due to the requirement of the creation of a special VIP account to be eligible for it. This is the reason why VIP bonuses are exclusive and typically have more favorable benefits (Better terms for trading, bonuses that have favorable terms, prioritization for support or withdrawals and deposits). If traders wish to benefit from this benefit, they should think about creating an account with a VIP status during the process of Forex opening a new account.

How to Find the Best Forex Bonus?

It’s easy to locate Forex bonuses, however finding the most suitable bonus for your needs in trading can be a bit difficult.

When deciding on what bonus you will take it is important be attentive to the source of the bonus and the conditions and terms of the offer. On BestFxBonus.com, Forex bonuses are evaluated and listed based on the trustworthiness of the brokers, the advantages of the bonuses they offer and, of course, how flexible are their conditions and terms. These factors must be taken into consideration when trying to pick the best bonus to trade.

Things You Need to Consider:

There are three aspects you must be aware of when deciding on Forex bonuses provided from Forex brokers:

1. Utilize the services of reliable brokers.

Choose only reliable and experienced Forex brokers. This will provide you with security and shield your from falling for any scam. When you select reputable and known brokers, you’ll typically get better deals and bonus.

2. Check the conditions thoroughly

Before you deposit money or getting any bonuses, you should take time to review and comprehend the conditions and terms of Forex brokers. For instance, many brokers will require you to finish an amount of transactions before you can withdraw profit you earn from the bonus. Therefore, don’t overdo the calculation process, and take your time to think about all of it.

3. Select your bonus carefully

Forex brokers frequently update and modify their bonus policies. You must pick your bonus in line with the needs of your trading. It is recommended for new clients to think about free bonus without deposit prior to settling to bigger trading bonuses , like deposit bonuses. However the VIP, Regular Customer Reload and Loyalty bonus are ideal for experienced traders who are well-versed through Forex trading. Other kinds of bonuses can be utilized by new as well as experienced traders.

Bonuses for Forex vary and the terms are also different. That’s why it is important to stay informed about the top Forex bonuses offered by numerous prominent Forex brokers.

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