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What Is Loft Boarding (and Why Do I Need It?)

What is loft boarding?

People use the loft or attic in their house as a storage unit. However, it’s difficult to maximize the space with all the gaps. Loft boarding is the best solution for this problem.

Installing loft boarding has several benefits to you and your home. For example, it balances the floor and covers the gap, making it safer to go around.

This article will tell you why you need to board your loft and help you consider the option. Keep reading to find out more about loft boarding and the reasons why you need it.

Introduction to Loft Boarding

Before digging more into loft boarding, let’s find out what is the meaning of loft. The loft is the upper story of a building right under the roof. You can associate a loft with an attic.

People often use the loft as a storage space and access it using a ladder.

Now, what is loft boarding? Loft boarding is a design people apply to their loft to use and to increase space. They lay boards above the joist and across the area to cover it.

Laying the boards above the joists prevents the loft from getting damp. It avoids damaging your stored items, too.

In creating a loft board, you must prepare the materials you’ll need. The materials you’ll need are the boards, a pencil, measuring tape, and a saw for cutting. Screws and an electric screwdriver are necessary materials, too.

You would need a pair of gloves, a mask, and protective gear to protect yourself from the hazards in boarding.

Assess the room insulation before starting the operation. It’s necessary to check the room insulation to ensure it’s effective in reducing heat.

Measure the area of the loft to find out how many boards you’ll use. It’ll help you find out the measurement of the boards to fit them in the loft. Then after cutting the boards, you can proceed to install the boards.

Boarding lofts may seem easy. However, it’s best if you ask for a professional’s help to avoid getting adverse effects on your home.

More Storage Space

There are several reasons you need loft boarding, and one of those is to add more storage.

Most homes use their loft as a storage space already. However, going up to store items in the loft could be dangerous because you’re only using a ladder. Besides struggling to move stuff in the loft, the space is too narrow to put more things.

Boarding a loft can increase the storage space in your home as it creates more space than before. It’ll help you declutter items from your room, garage, and kitchen that you don’t often use and move them in the loft. Other than that, you won’t need to rent for external storage to keep your stuff if you’re renting one.

In this way, it frees up space in other parts of your house and no more extra bills for you to take care of.

Safer and More Accessible

We’ve mentioned in the previous topic that accessing the loft can be dangerous. The danger comes in when you miss your step and trip because of the gaps in the attic. Boarding a loft can prevent that incident from happening.

The boards installed create balance on the floor. Besides making it safer, it’s more accessible with the floor loft ladder installed. You don’t have to worry about moving the items from downstairs because the loft ladder is sturdier.

Home Value Increases

One of the factors people consider when buying a house is the amount of storage it has. Boarding a loft can increase the value of your home because of the extra space. The more room you have in your home, the greater it’s worth.

You can increase the value of your house if you’re planning to sell it in the future. Boarded lofts can attract more buyers once you put up your home for sale in the market.

Space for Rent

You can make money if you opt to board lofts. Rent out your loft area if you don’t need storage space or if you have more space.

You can turn your loft into another room if it’s spacious enough to create a new living space. However, you would need permission to do this project. You can reach out to your local authorities if you want to turn your loft into a new room.

Energy-Efficient Home

Installing loft boards can reduce your use of energy. It keeps your home warmer in the cold and cooler during summer. Thus, helping you save more energy and money.

You can add thermal insulation in your home with loft boarding, too. It saves you more energy than a standard loft boarding.

Loft boarding with insulation or not can help cut some of your expenses. For example, you installed boards in your loft in summer. You won’t need to use extra fans or turn up the air conditioner more.

It reduces the amount of heat coming inside of your house. Thus, less payment for electricity bills.

A tip when you install an insulated loft board is to raise the joists. Putting the planks above the joists can decrease the effectiveness of the insulator.

Good for Soundproofing

Boarding lofts can dampen the sound coming outside your house. The insulation put in the attic absorbs and traps the sound. It softens external noise like a dog barking, fire trucks, and more.

What Is Loft Boarding? Now You Know!

This article answered your question, what is loft boarding? It contains information on the benefits of installing loft boards. Boarding lofts provide more storage space in your home. Besides adding more storage, it reduces your energy consumption, too.

We hope you would consider boarding your loft with the help of this article. You can visit and check our website for more blogs like this!

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