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What Is Peer-To-Peer (P2P) Network Sharing?

A P2P network was created so that two or more users could share files without accessing a separate computer server. While technology has benefited many people over the years, many of them still don’t know what it is used for.

For example, you may often use Pirate Bay to download your favorite movies, music, or games. But, how many of you know that the site uses P2P technology? To get more information on the site, click here

However, a P2P network goes beyond the pirate bay, and it has widespread uses across the globe. Therefore, one has to grab a strong grasp of this phenomenon before they start using it.

Read this article, and find out more about P2P network sharing technology.

What Is Peer-To-Peer Network Sharing?

Computer networks with a distributed design use are called P2P networks. The computers that are part of a P2P network are known as peers. It is designed for the sole purpose of transmitting or receiving data.

Each peer has the same rights or duties as its counterpart in a P2P network. Moreover, since no central server monitors the file exchange, no peer gets any special privileges here. Thus, a peer-to-peer network is one of the most equal networks in the computer world without discrimination.

The peers who enjoy the same rights and privileges act as both servers and clients. Since there is no central server, every asset and resource access in a P2P network is shared among the participants. 

What Is P2P Used For?

One of the most significant objectives of a P2P network is sharing resources, collaborating with other computers, and accomplishing specific tasks. Previously, it was a method of sharing resources like disk storage space, network bandwidth, and processing power.

Since these networks allow computers connected to each other to share files and data synchronously, it is one of the best network sharing technologies out there. 

However, the downloading process is a little bit different here. When you download an identical file on a P2P network using the BitTorrent client protocol, you download the parts of the file from many other servers. 

In the same way, when you upload a file on a P2P network, you upload it for the computers that need the file. Thus, it acts as a fleet of minivans arriving at your PC and then leaving it once again when someone else requests it.

What Are The Benefits Of P2P Network Sharing?

  1. You cannot shut down a P2P networking site such as The Pirate Bay because of its immense popularity. Even when you turn off one peer, thousands of other peers start to function. Thus, you must turn off all the peers to shut down the entire network, but that is never possible.
  1. A P2P network is significantly expandable. You don’t even need to take someone’s permission if you want to add another peer. The scalability and flexibility of this network have increased its fan base over the years.
  1. A P2P network downloading speed is notably faster than other sites. For example, when you opt to download a file from this server, you download it from numerous peers simultaneously, which increases your downloading speed majorly.

What Are The Drawbacks Of P2P Network Sharing?

  1. Many people use the P2P Network frequently for illegal activities. Since people use it for uploading pirated content, P2P is referred to as a disputed technology. However, as this technology provides access to innumerable files, many websites don’t hesitate to use it even when violating copyright laws.
  1. The P2P technology may not be an illegal one itself, but it often contains malware files that will end up infecting your computer. That said, if you don’t have robust antivirus software, the P2P network will undoubtedly harm your computer.
  1. The P2P networks are often predisposed with very little security, which puts your computer prone to cyberattacks. Hence, if you don’t have a VPN, you should not use a P2P to compromise your online identity.

To Conclude

We have already talked about what peer-to-peer network sharing technology is. If you follow this article thoroughly, you will see how the site functions, its advantages and disadvantages, and so on. 

Therefore, if you have any other queries regarding a P2P network, you can post them in the comment box. We will get back to you with an answer ASAP.

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