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What is the best way to sell my house?

Homeowners sell their property for different reasons. However, one of the things that bother them is whether to accept cash offers or not. Undoubtedly, selling a home demands time, effort, and even extra cost. This is because you will have to prepare the house for sale in repairs and upgrades before listing, showing, and other aspects before closing.

Sometimes, the money required to prepare the house for sale isn’t the issue; finding a trustworthy real estate agent is. Sellers get anxious about discarding their property and do not even want to use an agent. Others are thinking about the time it will take to complete the selling process. Different homeowners have several peculiar cases. You must know how to sell your home fast when moving out of state to save money and also save yourself from any problems related to relocation.

Luckily, there’s a more convenient way to sell your property. One way to hasten your property’s sale and save cost without stress is to accept a cash offer. Several house-buying companies would say, “we buy houses for cash Tampa or Los Angeles,” but is a cash offer on the house better? Read on to find an answer or answers to this mind-boggling question.

Why You Should Consider Accepting A Cash Offer

Giving a direct answer to the question posed above would be insensitive. So, we will walk you through several reasons and let you decide for yourself.

1.Fast Closing

One significant difference between cash and traditional sales is how fast the deals are completed. Traditional sales need enough time for successful completion, usually longer than cash sales. This is because a mortgage needs to be underwritten; while this is done between 30 to 60 days, most traditional sales collapse. During this period, several things can happen; the buyer might use the money for other urgent needs; the mortgage lender can decide not to offer a loan. On the other hand, cash sales do not require mortgage underwriting for completion. In short, faster deals have a higher likelihood of being completed, which is what Cash sales offer.

Are you job relocating and need to complete the deal quickly? Getting divorced and need a quick settlement plan? Do not subject yourself to the terrors of a slow traditional sale. Rather than wait for your house to sell, you can sell it for cash and move onto the next phase of your life. Imagine closing in 14 days? That’s also achievable for your property; reach out to us at John Medina Buys Houses.

2.No Appraisal

To reduce the financial risk of a mortgage lender in traditional sales, an appraisal of the property in view is done. This is because the home buyer can decide to foreclose after a while. The best way to resolve this as a mortgage lender is to ensure that the home whose purchase is financed is worth the loan requested. Remember, no traditional sales without a mortgage lender. Unfortunately, if the appraisal comes in low, the loan is no longer available, and the deal falls through. On the other hand, cash sales remove the appraisal process from the transaction, thus ensuring the deal is completed quickly, except the parties involved cannot find an agreement.

3.Reduce Stress

In traditional sales, the processes involved are stressful and sometimes too much to bear for a seller, so much they opt for the easy way out; cash sales. Imagine having to clean, set up, repair, and improve a particular aspect of the home when you can quickly sell as-is. Traditional sales require that you hire an agent, evaluate the house’s value, inspection, and keep your house clean through the showings. Even after doing all these, a successful deal is not guaranteed. You do not need to go through all this stress in cash sales; you need to find a real estate investor ready to buy as-is.

4.Save on Repairs

Earlier, we mentioned inspection as part of the process involved in a traditional home sale. During an inspection, you can be sure every necessary repair will be requested. You either fix the problems or lower your asking price. Save money spent on repairs by selling your house as-is; this is only possible via cash sales.

5.Ease and Cost Effectiveness

Home sellers rarely want to spend their time haggling over prices. If this is you, a traditional sale will put you right where you do not want to be: at the negotiating table.  In cash sales, when a firm offer is put forward, you either accept or it. Also, you save money by avoiding commission fees when you sell your house for cash. In the not-so-distant past, to sell your home, you must call a realtor. Presently, on account of innovation and the consistently advancing real estate market conditions, you have several options to consider.

You can either choose to stick with the proven technique of selling via a realtor or take a shot at the new selling approaches for cash via house flippers, iBuyers, and other house-buying companies, that guarantee to save you money, time, or stress—or all of it. Every strategy for selling your home comes with benefits, just as drawbacks. The correct decision for you relies upon how vast you are regarding the real estate market, the amount you’re expecting to get for your property, and other factors.

If you choose to sell via a realtor, be prepared to part away with some of the profit. However, you will do next-to-nothing since you have someone representing you in the entire house-selling process. Suppose you decided to sell the home on your own. In that case, you must know the market, do the paper works and might have trouble negotiating to get the best value for your house. At John Medina Buys Houses, we offer you the chance to skip all these stressful procedures. We will come to you, do the paper works, and in the comfort of your new home or about-to-be-sold home, the best offer will come to you! Because we buy houses for cash in Los Angeles.

It is up to you to subject yourself to the hassle and tussle of listing your house for sale or go the easy route and sell for cash. If you are looking to sell your home, the best to go is to consider cash offers.

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