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What is UGC? Different Kinds of User Generated Content – Amir Articles

UGC is one of the finest techniques to market the product & services, and it can be of different types. Read “What is UGC” for more


UGC is one of the finest techniques to market the product & services in the market, and it can be of different types. Check out this article; here, we have given information about different kinds of User-Generated Content.

User-generated content or UGC, you might have heard this term a lot, and every marketer is talking about it. UGC is a new term in recent marketing strategies, and almost every brand is planning to integrate user-created content into their marketing strategies. 


But what is it? Why are brands and marketers talking about it?

Can’t wait anymore? Let’s delve into this new cool in marketing and know how you can take advantage of it. 

What Is User-Generated Content?

User-generated content is any content created by ordinary people or internet users over online platforms like websites, social media channels, forums, or anywhere else. 

It can be in the form of reviews, recommendations, images, videos, text, blogs, etc., which are created or owned by users.

According to the UGC definition given by Taggbox, “User-generated content is any type of online content (web pages, blogs, reviews, or social media posts), it is created and published by the people for other people.” 

UCC is created by the customers that contain their experience of using the product and service of any brand and business, telling other people their unbiased opinion about the product and benefits they gain with that product. 

It includes reviews, images, testimonials, videos, blogs, etc., featuring brands with their products and services. Brands in their marketing strategies use this content to build trust, authenticity, and social proof among their target customers for their brand. 

Major User-Generated Content Platforms

User-created content is increasing on internet platforms more than ever, and people are also getting more attracted to it. 

But how is this possible? How does user-generated content reach people more than branded content even without any promotions, and people interact with it?

You may already know the answer; yes, you got it right! It is because of the social media channels. 

Social media channels are the primary platform, where a plethora of customer-generated content is created and published every day. 

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Google, and Yelp are major social media platforms that contribute millions of user-created content created by users. 

Social media platforms offer a place where people can talk about brands and their experiences with the product and service. They are free to represent their genuine feelings, no matter positive or negative, they feel to share it. 


Different Kinds of UGC

User-generated content can be of three types, text, images, and videos, and it can be of the following kind: 

  • Social Media Content
  • Review, Recommendation, or Testimonials
  • Videos
  • Blogs
  • Comments and Q&A 
  • Case Studies

Let’s talk about these different kinds of user-created content in more detail. 

UGC – Social Media Content

Social media platforms emerge as the best platform for sharing content, and people can share content free of cost. Social media platforms can be said as users’ personal property, and they can do anything and express themselves candidly with their friends and followers. 

Daily, thousands of user-generated content is published on social media channels, and it includes pictures, videos, gif, etc. 

Social media content is the primary source of consumer-generated content, and social media users are interacting with other users by publishing creative and engaging content on their own. 

UGC – Reviews, Recommendations, and Testimonials

Another amazing form of customer-created content is reviews, recommendations, and testimonials on websites or review forums. 

Customers give their reviews, ratings, recommendations, etc., on-brand website, social media channels, or customer forums about the brand and business. 

Some of the major platforms where you can find this kind of UCC is Google, Yelp, G2Crowd, etc. 


Customers also create videos voluntarily, talking about the brand and their experience with its use. 

Vlogs on YouTube, Instagram Stories, GoPro videos, and any other published videos by customers without sponsored by brands and businesses. 

Blog Posts

Bloggers usually publish their reviews, uses, tutorial, etc., with the products and services by creating a long blog post and publishing it on their website. 

They write about the product based on their experience and how useful they find it. A blog post can be considered UGC if your product is mentioned as an example, tool, or ‘how to’ blog post. 

What Kind Of User-Generated Content Is For Your Brand?

As there are different types of user-created content, you have to find ways to integrate different UGC types for other marketing purposes. 

You can repost social media pictures and videos on your official social media account, and it will increase authenticity and build trust in your audience. 

Another great way to use UCC is to add them to your digital ads, magazine cover page, marketing emails, or create social media walls on your website, events, or display on any digital screen. 

Final Thoughts

No doubt, user-generated content is a powerful tool for new-age marketers to take their marketing strategies to another level. One of the fantastic things about user-created content is it is recently introduced and has become one of the most crucial marketing for almost every brand. 

The potential of UGC is continuously growing, and there is a broad scope in marketing and advertising for brands and businesses. 

Now, it’s your time to plan out effective marketing strategies by integrating user-generated content for long term purposes. We suggest you read also LEARN TIPS AND TRICKS FOR CREATING PROFESSIONAL WEB DESIGN with another amazing content 7 RULES TO IMPROVE BRAND AWARENESS THROUGH SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING

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