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What Should I Learn if I Want to Master Cybersecurity?

With more and more digitization, cybersecurity has become a more critical issue. As technology has made almost everything easy, it has come with a threat of cybersecurity issues. 

Cybercrimes have always been a part of news headlines. Cybercrime takes place every single day, or even more than once daily. This has posed challenges for cloud service providers and IT industries as everything has gone digital these days.  

Maintaining security is of utmost priority for almost every industry, specifically banking, finance, IT, and government agencies that are related to identification agencies as well as legal services providers. 

The shortage of skilled, trained, certified, or qualified professionals in this domain has increased the demand for certified cybersecurity professionals. Also, this has increased the earning potential of these professionals. 

According to a report by IDC, the annual spending on cybersecurity is projected to reach USD 174.7 billion by 2024 which shows a CAGR or compound annual growth rate of 8.1% for the forecast period of 2020 to 2024. Thus it opens a door of opportunity for you to make a career in cybersecurity. Cyber Security Master Certification is the best one to give your career a great boost.

Let us now look at what cybersecurity is and why it is important.

What is Cybersecurity?

Put simply, cybersecurity encompasses the practices and techniques involved to protect electronic networks, data, systems, and other sensitive information. 

There are professionals, generally called hackers, who intrude into the systems to get sensitive information, typically for money. 

On the other hand, cybersecurity professionals strive hard to protect the systems, data, and networks from these hackers and hence provide security. 

Importance of Cybersecurity

With an increasing number of IoT and other devices connecting to the Internet, an increasing number of activities going digital, there is a surge in the vulnerabilities posed on the data. These include our identification number, health records, our choices in various things, electricity bills, etc. 

Besides making our life easier, the biggest challenge is to keep them safe from malicious people. If you wish to become the one who can save this data, let’s see what you need to learn to become a cybersecurity expert.

All you need to Know

Below is a list of technical skills you need to acquire to master the concepts of cybersecurity. 

  1. Application Security Development

To work as a cybersecurity specialist, you might be required to work with the software engineering team and DevOps. So, you have to be flexible, adaptable, and possess excellent communication skills. Application security development comes under the units outside security teams. To hone the skills in application security development, you should readily adapt to new security culture and mindset. 

  1. Security of Cloud

Since everything is on the cloud today (those that are not, will soon be there!), the most important aspect to consider for cloud services providers, is its security. To provide utmost security to the cloud, they need professionals who thoroughly understand the underlying infrastructure and the ways of managing identities and authentication. 

You should understand the cloud architecture to make the cloud secure.

  1. Analysis of Threat Intelligence

Various threat intelligence tools can be used for the analysis of threat trends. To analyze digital forensics, you are required to master these threat intelligence tools. To get these tools, you have to master programming languages like Python, Java, etc. 

Working with incident response teams will help you acquire these skills.

  1. Network Security 

To enter into the world of security, the essential thing is to learn the ways of providing security to the network. The best breed of security personnel comes from this background. To safeguard the networks, you have to understand how they work. Having expertise achieved in this domain may help you get your certification easily.

  1. Penetration Testing

Penetration testing or pen testing skills allow you to identify the broken lines and the ways of fixing them. Companies look for professionals who are experts in pen testing as this is the main essence of cybersecurity.

  1. Risk Management

Identifying risks and finding out ways of managing them is something that is the most crucial task for a cybersecurity expert. Based on the industry you work in, you have to master the concepts of risk auditing and regulatory compliance.

  1. Identity and access management

Now, this is something that is of crucial importance when we talk about cybersecurity. More than 80% of data breaches take place because of weak, reused, or compromised passwords. So, companies are looking for professionals with excellent communication skills so that they can train people the ways of creating strong passwords by using Authy, Google Authenticator, and some password-making tricks such as retina scan, face lock, or fingerprints. 

  1. Mobile Computing

Now that we are going through the period that will be named as ‘work-from-home period, security teams find it challenging to maintain Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) or VPNs (Virtual Private Networks). 

To maintain these aspects of networks, you need to understand these servers and team up with professionals to segment their home and virtual networks to provide security. 

Apart from the technical aspects of cybersecurity, some of the soft skills are also important to acquire. On the top of the list are communication and leadership skills. A cybersecurity expert has to be an outstanding leader to manage their teams for a single objective of providing security. 

Creativity is another inevitable skill you need to have so that you can think like a hacker and identify weaknesses in the system, network, or systems. 


There is so much stuff you need to know for making a career in cybersecurity. What if you get all this stuff arranged for you in one place?

That will be great for you, isn’t it?

There are some online training providers that have specifically curated courses to make you earn the cybersecurity certification, probably on the first attempt. Self-paced learning, enterprise-class learning management systems, round-the-clock teaching assistance, career guidance are some of the special features of these courses. 

Enroll Now!

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