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What to Know Before You Buy Indian Grocery Online Netherlands

It does not matter if you live alone or with family, grocery shopping consumes a significant portion of your budget. Furthermore, there are only a few Indian stores in the Netherlands, so Indian groceries are very expensive. Read everything about Indian Grocery Online in Netherlands below.

When I moved to the Netherlands from India, I also faced numerous challenges in purchasing groceries. Driving long distances to reach stores, navigating long supermarket aisles, and settling for inferior products at high prices. But over time I discovered a few hacks and also found an amazing store for shopping Indian Groceries Online in Netherlands

In this article, I will share all the tips and my favorite Online Indian Grocery Store in the Netherlands. So, read till the end and get to know yourself. 

Tips to Buy Indian Groceries Online in Netherlands

1. Check for Offers and Discounts

When you buy Indian Groceries Online in the Netherlands always look out for the ongoing Offer or Discount. There are discounts offered by online stores when you make your first purchase or spend a specified amount. 

My favorite Indian Store in the Netherlands, Dookan offers multiple cash backs and discounts on every Grocery Purchase. Here you can buy a wide variety of Grocery Items that will fill your entire Kitchen Pantry. From Flours to Ready Made Mixes and Beauty Care products they have everything available. Moreover, all your orders are delivered straight to your home, eliminating the need to go to the store. 

On your first order of 49 Euros and above using their App or Website you will win a Flat 10% off. Use Code WELCOME10. Further, on every monthly order you place with Dookan you will win Unlimited Cashbacks. 

2. Before Shopping Make a list

When you look at a large variety of products altogether on a Mobile App you can easily get sidetracked. Whether it’s a Snack, Sweet, or any other product, without a shopping list it’s very tough to resist unnecessary purchases. So, before beginning your Online Grocery Shopping in the Netherlands always keep a list of products in hand. The list helps you to stick to a healthy diet and you may easily avoid purchasing junk. 

3. Identify an Approximate Budget

Before you start adding products to your shopping cart, determine your budget. Since groceries eat up a large portion of your income, having an approximate budget in hand is very important. When you know how much to spend you can easily remove some non-essential items from your shopping cart if they exceed your spending limit. 

4. Read the labels and Buy Healthy

Without just randomly adding products to your cart read the label and find out the ingredients used in the product you are looking to buy. Avoid the food products that are high in Fatty Acids, Sugar, Salt, Emulsifiers, and Saturated Fats. Buy products rich in Protein, Vitamins, Calcium, and other good nutrients. Further, if you do not know much, just stay away from Goods having more than 5-6 ingredients. Processed foods usually have lots of ingredients in them. 

5. Buy in Bulk

Buying in Bulk always helps you save more. The perishable items such as Fruits and Vegetables could not be bought in bulk, but Basic Food Items like Rice, Flour, Pulses could be easily bought on a monthly basis. Product prices in bulk are generally lower than those in small quantities. Additionally, you also stand a chance to get Discounts when you buy all your Grocery Needs in bulk. 

6. Do not Waste Leftover Food

Lastly, the best way to save money on Grocery Shopping is to avoid throwing away the leftovers. Indian Mothers are undoubtedly amazing at utilizing leftovers. My mother usually prepares something delicious for breakfast out of the leftovers of yesterday’s dinner. You should also learn to do that. 

Bottom Line

In this article, you have learned the Top 6 tips for purchasing Indian Groceries Online in the Netherlands. Follow all these tips next time when you do Grocery Shopping. Also, don’t forget to explore Dookan for buying premium quality Indian Groceries with excellent offers and deals. 

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