What to Pack for a Memorable Trip to Gardens by the Bay

What to Pack for a Memorable Trip to Gardens by the Bay

One of the best places to visit when you are in Singapore is the incredible Gardens by the Bay. Located in Marina Bay area, this park serves as an oasis in the midst of concrete jungle. Although the park itself has towering Supertrees that are obviously man-made, but with the park occupying a total of over 100 hectares, there are plenty of open and green spaces to enjoy. Not to mention lots of attractions to see here. 

Whether there is Gardens by the Bay promotion or not, paying small amount of entrance fee will allow you to fully indulge to this beautiful park with more than 1 million plants from 19,000 species. Can you imagine how grand it is? Well, you will know when you get there later when it is safe to travel in a large group again.

While waiting for the world to be opened again, you can use your time to plan ahead of your visit to this place later. To make it extra memorable and enjoyable, don’t forget to pack and bring these things to Gardens by the Bay.

1. Professional Camera

Did you know that Gardens by the Bay is one of the most Instagrammable places in Singapore? As mentioned above, the park has about 1 million plants which means there are plenty of beautiful flowers and trees to see. Never leave your professional camera behind when you visit this place later. Even a smartphone camera will be just fine, but a professional camera with wide-angle lens can really do justice to capture the beauty of this place. 

My personal recommendation will go to wide-angle lens (16-19mm) or Go Pro to get beautiful shots of Supertree Grove, waterfall shot at the Cloud Forest, beautiful flower arrangement in Flower Dome, and of course the iconic Marina Bay Sands hotel from different angles.

Don’t be shy to take out your camera and pose at every spot you want because trust me, this place will never run out of aesthetic and beautiful places as your photo background. Don’t forget to charge your battery; both camera and smartphone to not miss any spectacular view to be shot.

2. Comfy footwear

Like I mentioned above, the park itself is over 100 hectares wide so it will be a real horror if you come here with your fancy shoes so you can look extra cute in photos. Wear your comfy sneakers or sandals; whatever is comfortable for you if you have to walk a lot. 

3. Light jacket

Wearing comfortable clothes is a must when you visit Gardens by the Bay or I’d say Singapore as a whole. As a tropical country, the weather can be extra hot but many times it can get cold too. So other than your outfit don’t forget to bring a light jacket or cardigan. You can wear it if the sun shines so brightly or when it’s getting chilly especially when you are in Cloud Forest because of that mist from the magnificent waterfall.

4. Sunscreen

Gardens by the Bay has two domes and other than that it is just an open space with lots of plants. But still, protect your precious skin by using sunscreen before come to this place and you can reapply it again every two hours while touring the area because like I said, Singapore can be really hot and will burn your skin. 

5. Reusable water bottle

Stay hydrated while helping the planet with bringing your own reusable water bottle from the hotel. You can buy water here but there are free drinking water stations too! You can fill up your bottle and you have the right ammunition to tour the area without getting dehydrated.

The garden itself is not only tourist hotspot, but also as a functional research and conservation institute that promotes the conservation of fauna as well as renewable energy because the gigantic Supertree is capable to collect the energy from the sunlight through its panel. Impressive, right?

Another top tier tip is to come or stay within the garden area after sunset to enjoy the Garden Rhapsody light and sound show where you can enjoy the Supertree being lit up with impressive music that will please both your eyes and ears.

Ah how I can’t wait to visit that country again. For now, you can plan your visit to this place and book the Gardens by the Bay tickets online on Traveloka to avoid long queues. Meanwhile, let’s stay healthy so that when the countries are opening their borders again, we can fly there right away.

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