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What to Ponder When Building Your Dental Reputation Management Strategy

The entire world has taken several adaptive measures with the pandemic. Business units have transitioned their resources to an online shop instead of a brick-and-mortar alternative to limit virus transmissions. The change is not limited to products but also professional services such as medicine, law, dental, etc.

A professional’s dental reputation management can be utilized as a marketing resource via word-of-mouth advertising. A successful practice needs to have an archive of patient’s reviews and positive experiences of their dental journey. These are promotions for your dental brand as marketing strategies to acquire new clients and repeat patients. Below are key points to ponder on in building your dental reputation management strategy.

Importance of dental reputation management

Similar to products and services online, dental practices also effectively acquire clients through online reviews. Most patients look into the internet as their primary source of medical information rather than a face-to-face recommendation. Reputation management is critical for any dental practice, now more than ever. We must be fully aware of what our clients and other people are saying about our practice.

It is best practice to monitor your online reputation through reviews. Being aware of your patient’s journey firsthand is a step closer to securing your patients. Welcome negative feedback and criticism because ignoring this can lead to fewer website conversions and losing clients to competitors with a positively reviewed profile.

Benefits of good dental reputation

A good and solid brand reputation can increase your chances of being chosen as their dentist, increase patient trust, and have higher visibility status on search rankings. All these benefits can bring in more business to your clinic and enhance customer retention.

Take negative reviews seriously

Now everything is digital. The news travels faster. In just one click, a bad review can be tweeted, shared, and posted. A negative review can significantly affect a dental practice, turning new patients away. Therefore, careful thought and action plan must be applied to negative reviews. A proactive approach is setting a time of day for checking your online presence. In this way, you are on top of your online reputation by recovering occasional poor feedback.

Strategize proactively

As a dental professional, you should be ahead of your game. Avert reputational risks by seeking a third-party expert to manage your online reputation. For those with budgetary restrictions, here are a few guidelines.

  • Conduct an audit of your brand online. Learn what potential customers are seeing on your brand profile. Assess your satisfaction with what people are saying about you.
  • Tackle first unsatisfied customers. Be engaged by responding through personalized messages
  • Encourage sharing of their dental journey. In this way, you appear to be responsive and thoughtful of your patients. Actively seek patient feedback from now on.
  • Address areas of improvement 
  • Respond in a timely fashion, negative feedback is very time-sensitive. 
  • Respond to all negative reviews. Actively make things better for the patient on their next visit.

Implement changes

After the process of evaluation and monitoring your online visibility, it will help to expand to the search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing strategies of your profile. Work on relevance on major review sites to gather more reviews moving forward. Apply external and internal links to your website to optimize your search rankings. It is also helpful to be savvy on free social media sites as marketing resources such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

Dental reputation management strategies should be a part of any dental practice. Safeguard your brand reputation through scrutiny of all key review sites. Always be engaged with patients by replying on time. Apply customer service to your online profile by setting up message buttons and optimization of your website. These efforts and strategies, when done correctly, can convert prospects to frequent patients.

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