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Top Trending WhatsApp Alternative Apps for 2021 – Amir Articles

Texting apps have gotten one of the discussions of the towns these days. Read about some “WhatsApp Alternative Apps” trending in 2021.


Texting apps have gotten one of the discussions of the towns these days. Individuals from youthful to mature ages rely upon their texting apps incredibly because they assist them with associating the entire world, particularly with their precious ones.

Texting apps like WhatsApp is a generally mainstream name; however, we will discuss Top Trending WhatsApp Alternative Apps in this post. You will find that every one of the WhatsApp alternative apps has incredible highlights.

Presently we will go into the universe of great texting apps like WhatsApp, which are intricately examined. We give the mathematical numbers to cause a grouping; however, the numbers don’t mean the climbing apps are superior to the rest. 

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Telegram is known as the best alternative to WhatsApp courier. Aside from the regular texting, Telegram packs highlight a super gathering of up to 4,000+ individuals, the capacity to share documents up to 1.5GB, falling to pieces messages, and start to finish scrambled mystery visit area.

The texting administration accompanies a bot highlight that brings you significant information in a hurry and allows you to play little games inside the application. Even though the application doesn’t offer assistance like voice and video calls, if you couldn’t care less about it, you can never turn out badly with Telegram as your messaging application. 


On the off chance that you are worried about your protection, you should attempt this open-source messaging application called Threema. Messages, records, and announcements are scrambled on this texting application.

Aside from this, the application doesn’t gather metadata and offers different scrambled reinforcement choices. Like WhatsApp, Threema likewise offers web customer administration.

In any case, it accompanies not many additional highlights like surveys in gathering chats, anonymous talks that don’t need a telephone number, and secret keys ensured visits. This texting application’s solitary downside is that it doesn’t accompany voice or video talk.

Even though the application is a paid one, if security is your need and you need a basic UI, you should attempt this application. 


Skype is a dependable application that permits quality calls among Skype contacts worldwide. The uses of Skype have been converged with Hotmail or MSN and encourages you to interface with your contacts by email. Other than giving an excellent call insight, Skype permits text texting too.

Skype is distinctive in enlisting clients. It doesn’t utilize your mobile contact number and associated through a client name and email with secret critical assurance. As a dependable and stable assistance application, Skype is a superior substitution among WhatsApp alternatives. 


Viber is another texting application with practically all the highlights of WhatsApp Courier. Notwithstanding all the highlights of WhatsApp, Viber additionally packs in multi-gadget support, empowers you to settle on global decisions to non-Viber clients at ostensible rates, and allows you to play some game inside the application.

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To finish up, we can say that Viber packs in the vast majority of the highlights from WhatsApp and afterward offer some more. 


Open Source Framework, the organization that controls the start to finish encryption innovation, offers Signal’s texting application. As anybody would expect, the application brings various security benefits, including falling to pieces messages and screen security that keeps anybody from taking screen captures.

The application gets encryption to all the information the application includes reinforcements, calls, and talks. The signal is for individuals searching for a straightforward and secure texting application. 


If you search for a new texting application, you should attempt this open-source one called Wire. The application is very well known among clients because of its exceptional UI and remarkable highlights. The application isn’t just starting to finish encoded yet, besides gives different gadgets.

You will adore it on this application on the off chance that you like WhatsApp’s gathering video call include. It doesn’t limit you to add just three additional individuals to your video call yet permits up to ten individuals to interface simultaneously.

It additionally accompanies highlights such as falling to pieces messages, the capacity to erase a sent message from the recipient’s gadget, sees a connection, and that’s just the beginning. 


Discord is a famous book and voice visit administration for gamers. It isn’t just secure yet, also, gives multi-platform backing to cell phone and desktop. It is also a local area for gamers, and their free voice and text courier will assist you with interfacing individuals with comparative interests. 

In the End…

On the off chance that WhatsApp’s protection issue worries you, attempt any of these Top Trending WhatsApp Alternative Apps.

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