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Run an E-COMMERCE Business efficiently with Wisesolution WHMCS Reseller Hosting

Are you running an e-commerce site, and want to generate a high ROI graph? Check “WHMCS Resellers Hosting in India” to know more about it.


To run your E-commerce business smoothly, you need a web hosting platform that consists of all exclusive resources. Do you want your website to run at the fastest speed? If Yes!. You need a platform that provides unmatched speed and a user-friendly platform to host your e-commerce website.

Reseller Hosting is a great choice that boosts your site and speeds up processing power to serve an excellent speed to run your e-commerce business. The essential thing in the E-commerce business is automation and online transaction modes. For that, WHMCS is the best software to carry with the Reseller Hosting. Read below full guide about WHMCS Resellers Hosting.

So, you can Host your E-commerce website on a WHMCS Reseller Hosting to save your valuable time and overall web hosting cost that you were going to spend on finding out the other web host and selecting the expensive plans respectively from there. 

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This guide helps to easily establish the proper setup of your e-commerce business with reseller hosting free whmcs. Let’s proceed step by step procedure to set up an online e-commerce website.

Steps to Set up an Ecommerce Website online 

E-commerce business is an excellent option in this tech-oriented world to generate high revenue from the company. It is because more than half of the population globally uses digital ways to serve user’s demands. No doubt, building an online e-commerce platform is a challenging task. 

This guide will let you know how to start an online store from start to end with the best reseller hosting with whmcs. So let’s proceed with the primary step.

Find Your Perfect eCommerce Website Builder.

 An E-commerce builder is an online platform that allows developing your own online small or big store without having strong technical skills. What you all needed to run your e-commerce website? A secure, fast, and reliable internet connection and perfect business ideas that unlimited reseller hosting with whmcs give you.

Choose The Best Plan for You

 When finally, you select the perfect website builder for hosting your e-commerce website. The next thing is to smartly choose the web hosting plan. But do you know which plan you should opt for?

Just analyze your business’s size, the number of products you want to sell out, and decide suitable prices for products to earn a profit and affordable for customers. These are some amazing facts that help you out to select the cheap reseller hosting with whmcs plans.

Get a Domain Name for Your Store

 Domain name generally denotes your store name. It is the primary thing that allows you to live your online store. Therefore, select the unique domain name that hovers the real-life standard street store. You should choose the unique domain name that allows you to run your e-commerce website on reseller hosting with the whmcs platform.

Add Your Products

 Now, it’s time to add the products and their primary details like Name, Price, Category, product weight, and file to your online e-commerce store.

Every e-commerce builder has different pricing, products, categories, and different limitations to add products. Reseller hosting allows adding unlimited products with high-quality images and multiple categories to your online e-commerce store to ensure the user gets a broad range of product availability.

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You need to keep one thing in your mind while adding the product description to be SEO friendly. So, it will help to rank your site on google. 

Set Up Payment Methods

Choose and Add different secure payment options. Try to add payment modes that support and are compatible with the cheapest and free WHMCS reseller hosting.

Also, check which payment mode will save your overall cost and make it easy to add a payment system to your e-commerce website. You can include online payment modes such as credit card, debit card, Netbanking, Paytm, Paypal, and much more.

Sort Out Your Shipping Settings

 After setting up the payment modes, you need to ensure that the customers will surely deliver their products. But how can you build trust among customers?

Mention the shipping address of the product from where it originates, and if the office from where you ship the product is on another location, mention the complete address with the shipping and tax charges. It is because the charges may vary from country to country and the product delivery also depends on location. 

Therefore, it is better to mention the different options and zones and product tracking system on your E-commerce website hosted on a free whmcs reseller hosting. So, users can easily check their product status and know what will be the possible delivery dates for their product.

Why WHMCS Reseller Hosting is Best for your E-commerce Store

Reseller Hosting with WHMCS is best because of numerous reasons. The primary one is to allow users to resell the services to generate high ROI. Apart from it, WHMCS, web host management complete solution is an excellent part of handling and managing the online billing system. Hence, also known as all-in-one client management software. It will be possible to enjoy such worthwhile benefits with the cheap reseller hosting with WHMCS. 

A Brief about Wisesolution

As you have seen above, to smoothly run your online E-commerce business, you need a platform that you have chosen. But don’t you think a web host is one that is the key to success for your online business? Therefore, no need to waste your valuable time; save it for performing and running your E-commerce or online store on the best reseller hosting with WHMCS by Wisesolution

The intelligent solution is the offshoring WHMCS reseller hosting provider that ensures you will get the unbeatable performance and unmatched speed to convert your visitors into customers.

More visitors impress with your web page loading speed, spending much of their valuable time on your site. Thus, get attracted to your product and ready to buy. Hosting renewals for WHMCS is also possible when you make the right choice of the web host.

Specification Features 

Reseller hosting with WHMCS is best for business perspective and making money from your online store. It has numerous reliable features that influence users to start their own e-commerce business with WHMCS reseller hosting. Have a look at the below-mentioned key features. 

  • Automated and Secure billing
  • 99.99% Uptime
  • Free WHMCS
  • Real-Time Customer Support
  • Advanced Security
  • Powerful Control Panel
  • One-Click Installer

The Final Words

As you get the idea through this guide about how a WHMCS Reseller Hosting beneficial to run your e-commerce website. But still, can it be possible to run if you skip any step?

After making a proper setup of your online store over the web and features that will help you establish a secure online business, it is useful to run your e-commerce website. 

But before proceeding with the final step, make sure you have checked the complete setup unless you won’t be able to run your E-commerce website on a free WHMCS reseller hosting. Thus, give a final touch before making your website live to enjoy your hosting and its endless benefits. Hope you love reading “WHMCS Resellers Hosting”

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