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7 Most Profitable Wholesale Business Ideas in India for 2021

Wholesale business involves sourcing the product from the manufacturer and selling it. Read about Wholesale Business Ideas in India.


A company’s main aim in conducting a business is to make money and earn profits. And one such business that might maximize the profit is Wholesale Business. 

Wholesale business involves sourcing the product from the manufacturer, adding margin, and selling it to retail/distributor. It’s a flourishing business within the country.


How to set-up a Wholesale Business?

For Wholesale Business, careful analysis must understand the market, the product in demand, and the profitable product. 

Later, a company needs to calculate the business’s financial wants and consequently plan a business loan such as a small business loan, new business loan, MSME loans, MSME loans with collateral, etc.

Later, it follows a business plan’s launch by adopting the right promotional method and right valuation strategy.

Which are the most profitable Wholesale Business Ideas for 2021:

There are innumerable wholesale business ideas for 2020-2021, of which 7 have been detailed as follows:

(1) Supply of Stationery Items:

Stationery items are used by all the firms existing within the market, be it educational institutions, financial institutions, corporations, etc. This wholesale business’s success depends on targeting the right customer with the supply of quality products at reasonable prices.

A company can apply for a business loan to fund its financial wants to conduct this wholesale business.

(2) Supply of Ayurveda-origin products:

People have switched over Ayurveda-origin products because it is harmless, effective, and has no side effects compared to chemically synthesized products. Thus, Ayurveda has been a large success and garnered a lot of public attention.

To start a wholesale business of Ayurveda-origin products, the company can choose MSME loans, especially MSME loans, without collateral. There is no need to pledge any collateral for the business loan amount.

(3) Supply of organic-origin products:

This wholesale business has created a large house within the market due to people’s desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Thus, people have shifted to organic-origin products.


Organic-origin products being on the expensive side, a company may take MSME business loans as MSME loans are online business loans to be applied easily. Moreover, MSME loan interest rates are also reasonable.

(4) Supply of Textile-based products:

It’s one of the profitable wholesale businesses and so lucrative. Can plan wholesale business of textile-based products right from the thread, wool to sewing machinery, readymade clothes.

Business loan requirements will depend upon the kind of textile-based product selected for the wholesale business.

To be a wholesale supplier of thread/wool, a company might need a small business loan/new business loan. Suppliers of sewing machinery/readymade clothes might need MSME business loans/MSME loans without collateral.

(5) Supply of Snacking stuff:

Food is one of the businesses which can never go wrong and with our country being the highest populated one, having a wholesale business of food especially snacks can be a huge hit.

Though the generation is leading towards adopting a healthy lifestyle, they will never resist snacking.

A person can invest a minimum by choosing a new business loan/small business loan, generate good money, and have a quite sustainable business.

(6) Supply of toys for children:

This business is meant to grow with time and enjoys the largest market share. Supplying unique distinct toys, imported toys in the market at a good price can generate good profits.

Companies might choose MSME business loans to invest in this business and also avail the government’s several incentives.

(7) Supply of Agriculture products:

Our country depends on agriculture and agriculture-based products. Thus, a wholesale business of supplying agriculture or agriculture-based products can prove a very sustainable business.

Wholesale businesses can supply organic seeds/crops, supplying machinery like tractors, irrigation equipment, sprinklers, etc. 

To buy or rent machinery, companies may need a business loan, and they can go for MSME business loans, especially MSME loans, without collateral to invest in this wholesale business. 

Author Bio:

 Rashmi Sharma is an experienced and knowledgeable financial advisor, ready to work with you to ensure you and your business’s future. She also emphasizes the need to adjust investment plans as your goals and needs change.

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