Why Are Instagram Stories So Important For Businesses?

Why Are Instagram Stories So Important For Businesses?

All of us are more or less addicted to social media. From following our favorite celebrities to keeping up with everyday news to buying our essential items, we can do almost everything on social media. 

For businesses, social media is a blessing. While the list of social media platforms is really long, Instagram is one of these platforms that is really popular amongst business owners. 

Instagram is all about pictures and visual content. A business cannot thrive on Instagram if it doesn’t have anything aesthetic to show to its customers. While posting cool pictures of your products is essential, don’t miss out on the benefits and engagement Instagram stories have to offer. 

Here are different ways in which businesses benefit from Instagram stories:  

Importance of Instagram stories to Businesses

Lots of Creative Features

Instagram keeps on making stories increasingly interesting. Recently, it started the “small business” sticker, where you or your friends could align with the sticker to help make the story more visible and get a better reach. There are pre-set stickers, gifs, as well multiple story that you can select from.

You can create collages from the “layout” feature, boomerangs, add Instagram music to make content more appealing and even add filters to your pictures and videos. Other than the creativity aspect, options like hashtags, location tags and “@mentions” are all a great way to get your Instagram story a higher rank. These tags can help your story appear in more filtered content and reach a wider audience. 

Keeps Content Consistent

Your followers are not going to like it if you post more than 3 pictures in one go on your account. There is also a chance that these pictures will be dispersed all across your follower’s feed, and all of them might not even grab their attention. Plus, posting requires a lot of thought and energy.

You have to think of the perfect caption, the perfect timing and much more. With Instagram stories, content can be much more consistent and in bulk. People actually enjoy watching stories that are in continuation of one another, such as covering an event that your brand or business was a part of. You can remain active on your page and communicate with your followers without having to post anything at all. 

Instant and Quick

Many people believe that the average attention span of human beings has decreased in recent years. This could be true thanks to the availability of cheap home internet and lots of content.

In such a situation, here is how stories help you reach out to your audience in a much better manner. Posts tend to have captions and restrictive content, and require a lot of scrolling. Meanwhile, Instagram stories are on the top of the news feed, play and end themselves, and then you are redirected to another’s user’s story without scrolling much.

This means that Instagram stories are quick and efficient and let users pay more attention to them within a matter of a few seconds. Plus, designing posts and creating the whole post schedule, stories don’t need all of that. You just have to open your camera, start recording or capturing images, and share the very instant. Instagram even has ready-to-use filters that let users post without putting content through the editing process. Essentially, Instagram stories are time-saving, convenient for viewers, and are instant. 

More Personal 

Your posts are meant to be more professional and only represent your brand. Your page ‘feed’ needs to follow a particular theme and a professional outlook as that is the very first thing anybody will see when they stumble across your page. However, stories don’t have that limitation.

They are a lot more flexible in terms of creativity. You can post about yourself as the brains behind the business, share stories about your team or employees, cover events, show behind the scenes to your followers and so much more.

Features like polls and questions can also help you communicate with your followers in a fun way. The questions feature can also be great to gather feedback, complaints and ideas from your customers. Many businesses use the informal story sessions as a means of market research to see what their customers are most worried about.  

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Bottom Line

Do all these benefits make you excited about creating your own style of Instagram stories? Don’t forget to check out some really good Instagram story templates that you can get online. This way you will be able to create some pro-level content.  As an online business, make sure you are aware of all social media, trends so you can remain competent and relevant in this world of internet.

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