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Why do women most often become translators?

According to many statistics, it is women who most often become translators, moreover, they are very successful. About 70% of females found themselves and were able to realize themselves in this field of activity. Why is the profession of a translator so attractive to women and where did the representatives of the stronger sex go?

Women in translation bureaus

            There were so many discussions on this topic, various social polls were conducted, but no one managed to come to a common denominator. Most experts believe that such a number of women in translation bureaus is due to the fact that they can combine their professional activities like birth certificate translation without interrupting the work of the household and raising babies. And there is actually some truth in this. Many firms offer remote collaboration, which is convenient for both the translator and the employer. The woman has time to take the child to kindergarten or school, prepare food, clean up order and perform other small tasks. And on an 8-hour day she has absolutely no energy and time, so the ability to work from home is the only way out.

            In addition, leading international companies have conducted special studies that have shown that men are skeptical about working in translation centers . In their opinion, this is not prestigious and to some extent humiliating. They treat this profession with contempt due to the fact that here for them there is no opportunity to control the whole situation and subjugate other people. And in fact it is so. Translators have no right to contradict the will of the client, they must listen to his wishes, take into account all claims and correct any inconsistencies. Such actions can injure the sensitive nature of men and undermine their authority in the team.

            Women, on the other hand, distinguish such a profession with a high status and the ability to move up the career ladder. This is a great chance for them to show themselves as an excellent employee and thus make a good career for themselves.

            As we can see, opinions are very contradictory, and it is difficult to actually decide who is right, perhaps this should not be done. This order of things suits many. It is not clear why it happened historically that certain positions evoke the image of a woman in our heads, although there is nothing offensive in such stereotypes. We ourselves can choose the further path of development and build our destiny at our own discretion. 

Translation of printing on documents

Ever encountered a print translation for documents? Although this practice has existed for a long time, not everyone knows about it. There are translation bureaus (LST) that, at the sight of just a seal, they cannot understand the task and simply refuse to accept the order. So that you know in the future about this possibility and how to behave in such situations, we will share some points.

            At first glance, printing will seem quick and easy. Well, of course, she’s small and there are few words on her. And here is the first misconception. Small written letters and difficult to read words due to wear or poor quality aggravate the work of the translator. When do you need to apply for a print translation? There are many cases, for example, when applying for a pension. Certificates or papers issued back in the Soviet Union require translation into the state language. Or it could be different contracts that need translation.

The main points of translation of the press:

  1. If you want to translate a document containing a seal, then it is automatically translated. Even if you did not ask for it, then according to the law and internal rules, the translators are forced to do it.
  2. Nobody will put you the same stamp only in another language. Everything happens in a completely different way. In the place where it stood, there will be brackets, in which the mark “Print” is indicated, and next to it is the translation.
  3. There are seals on which absolutely nothing is visible. In this case, translation agencies , unfortunately, cannot help. The only thing that can be made special here is the “Illegible” mark. But some experts do not stop there and perform a real miracle. By the special codes that are around the seal, you can establish the name and location of the organization that issued this document. And then the matter is small. With the help of Internet resources, it will be possible to restore printing. But do not expect that any company will be able to provide such a service, only a few can boast of it.

As you can see, the work of a translator, oh how boring, sometimes you have to deal with such interesting cases that you can only envy them. Rare papers, old seals and pre-revolutionary documents fall into their hands and find a second life. 

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