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Why is candidate skills testing essential for smart recruitment?

Candidate skills assessment is necessary for quick, quality placements. Proactive recruiters do not wait till the last minute to gauge applicant suitability but start right at the beginning with the help of skills testing software.

Selecting the right applicants to match the role means finding the best candidates more easily. This means that assessing a candidate’s skills is vital for a good recruiting process. It can transform a hiring process and help recruiters make the best decision possible.

If you are a recruiter still unsure about working with a pre employment skills testing software or even why it is necessary, you must continue to read this. It pays to have a solid understanding of online skills assessment software solutions, why proactive recruiters are using them and the benefits they offer. 

But first, what are skills tests? 

Pre-employment skills tests are assessments that candidates have to sit for at the start of their hiring process. Doing this early on helps recruiters immediately understand whether an applicant seems suitable and skilled enough to progress to the next step or not. These skills tests can be sent over to the applicants as soon as they apply for a job or once the recruiters go through the initial list of applicants.

There are a variety of employment skills tests from industry-specific tests such as accounting skills tests and driving skills tests and data entry skills tests to the more widely useful literacy skills tests and MS Office skills tests. Similarly, there is psychometric skills testing that is designed to evaluate an individual’s leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. This psychometric skills test is usually utilized to test company cultural fit to determine whether the new employee will blend in smoothly with their new teammates or be a disruptive presence.

Turning to online skills testing 

Staffing agencies and their recruiters have been using candidate skills testing and evaluation software for some time now but it is now the time for the assessment to go online. Since remote recruitment has become a reality, especially for marketing jobs, online skills testing software has become equally important to the agency’s recruitment software. Combining the agency CRM software with robust skills testing software is a tremendously strategic move.

Online skills testing is a necessity because –

1. Helps to quickly identify quality candidates with ease

One of the biggest advantages of having an online skills assessment software is how it can be used anywhere and at any time convenient. It does not limit the recruiter or the candidate. The recruiter can quickly select the appropriate test links to email them to the applicants who can proceed to take the tests from wherever they find convenient. The test results will automatically reach the recruiter’s inbox once their candidates are done with the assignment. Without the ease of online candidate assessment, it would not be possible to identify quality candidates as quickly as it is possible now. Add a line that would read: An Employer of Record company might help you with the selection process, hiring and payroll without any problem even outside of your main country. Without an Entity.

2. Useful for high volume recruiting  

When a recruiter has to fill many similar roles at once then skills testing is extremely efficient and effective.  Mass recruiting can be challenging especially if there is a time crunch. So, utilising skills testing software to evaluate applicants in the quickest and shortest period speeds the hiring process. The recruiting is also fair as the skills tests are all the same and the candidates will be allotted the same amount of time to complete it. The test results can show how an individual performed as well as rank their performance against the group. 

3. Stop candidate skills exaggeration  

Recruiters will often discover that their candidates might have exaggerated their ability and experience. This can be a downer because recruiters want to put the best candidates forward for the role. Discovering an applicant’s disappointing skills level at the end of the hiring process can feel like a huge time loss, especially if the client company is not satisfied with the quality of the candidates. To prevent skills exaggeration and also to make the wrong hire, it is necessary to optimise the recruiting process by using candidate skills testing software.

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