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Why Live In Chennai? The Top Reasons

Chennai is a well-known cultural, economic, educational and political centre in South India. Located on India’s southern coast, the city attracts the largest number of foreign tourists. Chennai is also considered one of the safest Indian cities. It is world-famous for its warm hospitalityand is one of the most visited cities in the entire world. Chennai is a popular destination not just fortourists, but also students and jobseekers. Its affordable cost of living, as well as excellent educational infrastructure and large corporations, makes it a great place to live in. Chennai, known as “The Detroit of India”, houses more than one third of India’s automobile industry. Chennai is also one of the most desirable cities in India for settling down because of its many opportunities for employment.

Here are some of the most important reasons why you should live in Chennai

  • There is a lot of greenery here

You’ll be amazed at how green Chennai looks from the sky! There is a lot of greenery throughout the city. Don’t be surprised to see large trees even along the edges of busy roads. Many parks and ‘poonghas’ have been built for the public to enjoy. Although busy metros can become extremely polluted, Chennai’s greenery helps to keep the air clean. The city offers the best backdropto have a house against. For a budget-friendly stay, you can take a 1 bhk in chennai for rent.

  • The atmosphere is pretty laid back

Like many other cities, Chennai’s nightlife is amazing. But nightlife is not the only thing that Chennai is known for. There is so much more to dohere, apart from enjoying the vibrant nightlife scene. There are great places to eat, amazing coffee joints, and an active live music scene.

  • You get amazing food

It doesn’t matter whether you love the globally popular dosa or the lesser known Puttu, you get it all here. There are so many cuisines to choose from that it’s difficult to maintain weight here. A wide range of prices makes good food affordable for everyone. That means, even if you have to eat out daily, you won’t break your bank. You can also save a lot on your stay. You can easily find a 1 bhk house for rent Chennaiat a reasonable price.

  • Education

There are many great educational institutes in Chennai, both private and governmentfunded. Chennai’s top-notch education system attracts a lot of students from across India.The teaching is also above parand is the reason people consider Chennaifor education.

  • Great movie experiences

This is a great point to mention as a separate point because Chennai is amazing for movie lovers. The theatres are large, clean, well-maintained and with works class amenities. They also serve great food at a low price. It’s not just butter popcorn on the menu, although that is amazing and comes with many toppings.

  • Sugar fine beaches for relaxation

Chennai is popular for its beaches. And there are numerous beautiful beaches that you can choose from, each with its own charm. You can take long walks along the Marina beach, which is the second-longest urban beach in the world or eat fresh seafood at Besant Nagar and then have coffee at one of the many coffee shops and restaurants dotting the city. There are also numerous ‘private’ beaches that you can rent to host parties and other events.

  • Public transportation

We all wantconvenience with regards to public transport. Did you know that Chennai’s bus fleet is among the best in terms of efficiency and time? Auto travel has become 95% easier with the introduction of private autos at strictly metered rates. Besides, the new air-conditioned Chennai Metro Rail helps to reduce traffic congestion and gets more cars off the road.

  • Connectivity at its best

Even if you have to plan your trip last-minute, it is easy to do so in Chennai. It’s easy to plan a trip from Chennai, whether you are taking your car, booking a last-minute bus, or taking a flight or train. You’ll also find many great weekend getaways nearby, including popular ones like Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry, as well as lesser known, but equally fascinating ones. Friday nights are a time when the working class leaves for the weekend and returns early Monday morning to head straight to work.

  • Amazing music

The Marghazhi, or the Carnatic “season” in December, attracts thousands of people and features some of the most talented Carnatic musicians around the world. Many of these artists are from Chennai. There is something for everyone. You can find a live band near you on any night of the week. They are all great! Musicians too have many opportunities to showcase their talents. Many restaurants offer regular live music nights. There are also a great number of music festivals to keep you grooving.

  • Outstanding healthcare

Chennai is India’s top healthcare provider and has been called the capital of healthcare in India. Chennai boasts a wealth of medical schools and hospitals, as well as some of the most prestigious super specialitymedical facilities in India. Chennai is known for its exceptional healthcare and attracts people from all over the world that come here fortreatment. You can find the right doctor for you no matter what your problem is that too only a few steps away.

Chennai is a hustling and bustling city known for theamazing quality of life it can provide. Finding an accommodation is a breeze here. All you need is to figure out what your specific needs are

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