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Why Live Video Shopping is Important for Brand Building?

Our purchasing habits have changed dramatically as a result of development. Read about Live Video Shopping and much more in this article.Consumerism has reached new heights, with people having more freedom to communicate effortlessly than ever before.

As a consequence, consumers are expecting improved and seamless shopping experiences. People want a customized experience that resonates when they invest in their likes and preferences. The COVID-19 crises, the rise of online purchasing, and the growing desire among shoppers to reclaim personal touch are all reasons why the trend of Live Shopping has become so popular. Live streaming e-commerce is a method to digitally recreate the buying experience witnessed in a real store. It is a trend that bridges the online and offline shopping experience.

How is Live Shopping significant for Brand Building

Buyers are given more authority

Individual empowerment is one of the most significant advantages of today’s usage of technology. We all seem to prefer a platform via which we may reach out and be heard.

The barrier to traditional online shopping is removed with Live Shopping. It enables customers to get answers to their questions, feel appreciated, and participate in a communal experience. Adding additional value to the buying experience will, without a doubt, help the businesses.

Consumer Value

During a live shopping show when a host engages with prospective customers, this facilitates interactivity and communication. Furthermore, customers have a better understanding of products and have the chance to speak and clear their queries in real-time.

Because the degree of trust between the brand and the person grows, the risk associated with buying is decreased. This leads to a satisfying customer experience.

Gaining Access to a Larger Audience

Because your audience may join a live shopping show by just accessing the internet, there are no restrictions on where they can connect. This allows individuals to take part in a livestream shopping show from the comfort of their own homes or offices. When live streaming for retail is used, the expenses of attending live commerce events are also eliminated. 

This gives brands access to larger audiences which increase the possibility of more audiences turning into customers.


Many people have the misconception that ‘live streaming for retail’ is difficult. The ordinary individual can utilize live streaming shopping since it is simple and convenient. All that’s required is the right video and audio devices, reliable internet connectivity, an encoder, and a fantastic streaming platform.

Increased profits

As consumers spend the majority of their time at home, the demand for live video shopping will continue to be very robust throughout and beyond 2021. As customers get more comfortable buying at home, live video shopping may become more prevalent in the near future. Those who excel will reap the rewards.

Crowd cooperation and Real-time engagement

Face acknowledgement with customers permits brands to develop themselves and associate with their crowd. You can effectively convey your brand’s narrative and tell your brand stories when you are connecting with your customers in real-time.  For brands that take part in Live shopping with Q&A sessions, live interviews with industry experts or connect with customers by addressing them fosters real-time engagement leading to better brand customer relationship.

Live shopping gives confidence to buyers

Today customers are more conscious of their consumption habits and want to be more informed about what they buy. Live stream shopping is a way to give your customer the confidence to buy from you.

Watching clothes and other products being showcased, or held in the hand of a model or host who is facilitating the live commerce, furnishes customers with more information and details than any e-commerce site. How do the colours look in changing lights and through a camera, what size is the piece according to the model’s body, etc. Being able to judge all this during a live shopping show gives your customers confidence. 



You can have your live video shopping platform which you can leverage to achieve multiple use cases. Channelize.io live shopping platform can help you get started effortlessly. Our extensive expertise in developing the live shopping platform has taught us what constitutes a good and user-friendly platform.

Live Commerce is a growing trend that demonstrates the significance of audiovisuals in digital commerce, particularly in these times of social isolation, physical store closures, and event cancellations.

Including livestream shopping in your sales and marketing strategy is a smart choice. This gives brands an opportunity to answer customers’ concerns, present them with more useful information, retain them and eventually increase conversion rates.

As you can see, attracting customers to your live shop does not need millions of dollars. The most essential thing is to be artistic and creative. Now that you know all you need, go ahead and increase your sales!

You can get in touch with us at info@channelize.io and we would be happy to assist you.


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