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Bangladesh is undoubtedly one of the unknown treasures in Asia. Read Why You Should Travel in Bangladesh in 2021 to know more about it.


Bangladesh is undoubtedly one of the unknown treasures in Asia, but unfortunately (mainly due to the combination of political instability and natural disasters), Bangladesh has not gained a good reputation worldwide.

Bangladesh will still experience a lot of tourism, and most of it does not go: the outer face will be very pleasant and very interesting, almost always friendly and gentle. 

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As a tourist destination, Bangladesh does not have the usual tourist scams in neighboring India. On the other hand, Bangladesh also does not have much of India’s infrastructure, and traveling can be a daunting task.

Roads can be improved, vehicles are critical in some areas (especially Dhaka) – getting more to see the transport sector – and transportation conditions are fundamental. English is not widely spoken, which can make independent travel difficult in many rural areas.

Beauty of Bangladesh

Bangladesh can also be green: with beautiful plains, people, and places, it is expected to see a lot of poverty and a great deal of pollution and pollution. Don’t come when you are uncomfortable with dressing appropriately, sitting in crowded transportation, and experiencing various situations.

Perhaps the best description of Bangladesh that I have heard is “India’s very crude view” – but even though that comparison comes a long way from the diversity and richness of culture found in Bangladesh, and it is amazing that this small but busy country is reserved for tourists who do there.

One of the more frustrating elements of traveling around Bangladesh is that traveling to different parts of the country always means staying in the backyard. It is possible to travel directly from North West (e.g., Rangpur and Rajshahi divisions) to South West by train without passing Dhaka.

Similarly, it is possible to travel directly from Sylhet (North East) to Chittagong Tug ((South East)) by direct train Buses connect sections from Dhaka to Dhaka, but not usually to each other, so consider a little extra time to get acquainted with the bustling hub of Bangladesh!

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Transport on Bangladesh

Many buses run overnight, which is the most dangerous travel time, although highway safety does not exist. Often bad collisions, the Dhaka-Chittagong-Tug highway is particularly notorious.

Roadside amenities (aka toilets) are also scarce and very rare in Bangladesh (especially for women) and making bus travel a nightmare for the little-faint between (me). Try online bus ticket bd for traveling. I suggest taking the train if you can! On buses, women usually sit in the bus’s front (and the men in the back).

In addition to experiencing slow travel on a rocket, one of the best ways to travel in Bangladesh is to train. Trains are usually comfortable (provided you don’t imitate some locals climbing on the roof), although the railway network is old.

Intercity trains are generally good, comfortable and reliable. Though slow, Mail trains are always (significantly) delayed and use old and rotting rolling stock. I loved meeting locals on my train journey, and I had a good experience traveling by train from Dhaka to Sylhet on the Parbat Express.

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Check train times on the Bangladesh Railways website (available in English), but you need to book tickets in person at the train station you are about to depart from – the train opens days in advance for booking and sells out quickly!

If your train is sold out, ask around, and you can buy a ticket for a few tickets from the shop inside or adjacent to the railway station. Take a trip by train. For a comfortable journey, buy an online train ticket bd.

Tour on Bangladesh

Why go to Bangladesh? We now read about over-tourism and mass tourism on an almost weekly basis. We can all easily see that tourism does not always yield positive results, especially in crowded places with visitors. Why not visit a country like Bangladesh, and often the outside world will look at it negatively and let it go?

It’s places like Bangladesh that can benefit the most from (the right kind of) tourism: bringing more connection and understanding to the outside world and delivering economic benefits to communities that are rarely seen. So, why not go for it? If you didn’t renew your Bangladeshi passport, do it soon. What else would you add to these Bangladesh travel tips, or would you like to know if you are considering a Bangladesh tour? Let me know in the comments section below!

Bangladeshis are one of the most hospitable people in the world. Their endless curiosity and determination to help a foreign visitor never cease to amaze. Your time in Bangladesh will be filled with tea invitations, requests for food in people’s homes, and simple and in-depth conversations about your countries. In my opinion, people are the only reason you need to visit Bangladesh.

To ensure that your trip to Bangladesh is a little smoother than mine, here is a guide to traveling in Bangladesh, with everything you need to plan your trip to Bangladesh. I hope you enjoyed this article and will travel to Bangladesh soon! Share your thought with us about traveling.

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