Why Your Pet Cat’s Day Out Must be Restricted to Your Backyard?


Do you get apprehensive about letting your kitty spend time outdoors? Are you on a guilt trip for not allowing your furball to go out and have some cat-time? Your new kitten may wait for your permission to venture out for some time. Still, as a cat parent, letting go of your kitty out of the haven you have provided her may be worrisome. Even if your little kitty asks to go out, you have the last call on the matter.

It would be best if you planned how you want to raise your kitty right from the beginning. For example, do you choose to keep her as an indoor feline, an outdoor cat with a home base, an outrightly outdoor kitty that lives on your farm, or a cat that belongs to the world but drops in morning and night for food and water! Whether you choose to rear your kitty indoors/outdoors, as long as it is under your supervision, you must support her with the living essentials. In addition to food/water/shelter, your kitty needs cat insurance to help meet her medical needs.

With pet insurance, your household kitten can easily get quality medical care in times of accidents, illnesses, dental issues, and several other conditions. Talk to the insurer to know what they cover for your fur baby. Purchasing a policy when your kitten is still young helps her with regular vet visits, vaccinations, emergency care, and a lot more. Buy pet health insurance to have your curious kitty protected from the risks of her venturesome activities.

Should we allow cats to hang around outside the home?

There are millions of kitties living in the urban areas couped up in apartments, spending most of their lives within the home walls. These kitties are safe and perfectly fine. Occasionally, you may allow your kitty to get out of the home enclosure and kill some time outdoors, but there are potential threats for kitties outside you need to watch out for.

What are the risks cats are exposed to when outside the home?

Health risks!

Parasites like fleas, ticks, roundworms, mites, tapeworms, etc., may latch onto your pet kitty and infect it with dreaded diseases. An additional risk associated with some parasites is they are transmitted to humans as well. Your kitty and the entire household may be affected due to these tiny creatures lurking outdoors. Check your kitty once it is back home then keep a close eye on it for the less obvious health issues!

Hit by vehicles!

Kitties are susceptible to being hit by cars. They may suffer from bone fractures, head/chest/organ injuries, or even die in the worst cases. Guard your kitty while it is out!

Unanticipated Falls!

When left to play in apartment balconies or garden areas where they can climb trees, kitties are more likely to fall from a height and hurt themselves. So watch what your kitty is doing!

Harsh Weather!

Extreme weather doesn’t favour your kitty’s health. Staying indoors is a great way to protect her from the burning sun, chilly winters, and showers in the rainy season. Cat parents must do what is needed to guard their kitten!

Animal Attacks!

Kitties are susceptible to attacks by creatures on the streets like dogs or other cats. But, a kitty that stays home can lead a peaceful life. So, let your yard be the last boundary for your exploratory kitty!Despite all your humble attempts, your kitty may fall sick or injure itself through its everyday indoor activities. Support your ailing pet with cat insurance, so it is covered for a range of medical conditions and accidents. Pet insurance will help you give your kitty the best medical assistance at affordable costs, from vet visits to emergency health care.

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