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The demand for truly wireless earbuds is rising day by day. Read details about Wireless Earbuds Under 5000 in India for more info Now.


The demand for truly wireless earbuds is rising day by day. Consequently, many new companies have started to enter the truly wireless earbuds market—companies like Motorola, Lenovo, Realme, Skullcandy, and many more.

But which is the king of budget genuinely wireless earphones. Today we will cover the best truly wireless earbuds under 5000. But, what are the criteria to judge good truly wireless earphones? Our criteria are comfort, audio quality, call quality, connectivity, and battery life. If you ever need to buy Best Wired Earbuds, you can always follow our Tech Category for more amazing articles.


The earbuds are a little bit bulky and feel odd inside the pocket. When you compare these earbuds with others, you will find JBL C100 bulkier. What we liked the most about these earbuds is the sound quality. It has the signature JBL sound quality. The bass is deep, and the vocals are clear.

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The sound drivers are tiny at 5.8 mm, but they performed well in loudness. The latency of the earbuds is average. They do a good job when watching YouTube videos, but when it comes to playing PUBG, watching Live cricket, they didn’t perform up to the mark. If gaming is your priority, then wait for our upcoming earbuds.

Another thing which we like is different controls on the left and right earbuds. When using a press on the right, it plays/pauses music, single press on the left to skip, and double tap on the right to go to the previous song. In terms of battery life, these are average. The average battery backup of the case and buds combined, give you 17 hours of battery life. It has a micro USB charging port to charge.

Realme Buds

Realme buds look like the Apple AirPods, and that’s the only thing we didn’t like about them. Let’s get to the good part first. It’s the only truly wireless earphones in this price range with wireless charging, type C, in-ear detection, low latency, and gaming mode. One of the closest to this is the Galaxy buds with cost twice and only half the features.

One underrated feature that we would like to point out is the Google fast pairing mode. It is somewhat similar to how apple AirPods connect to an iPhone for the first time fastly. In-ear detection works seamlessly, and you would be amazed by it. Taking out the bud from the ear is the natural action you do when listening to someone.

There is a low latency mode for gamers. Low latency mode can be activated when you tap and hold on both earbuds. But here is where it misses out. It is the audio quality. The sound output is flat, to be honest, and this is the problem with Realme design.

The earbuds don’t go inside your ear canal correctly, and the sound is also low. We are delighted with the dual mic. There is one microphone on each earbud to enable noise cancellation during calls.

And we must say that it makes a difference in the call quality even outdoor. It had the best microphone quality on this list. The battery life is also pretty decent. You get 17 hours of overall battery backup and wireless charging. If you have a low budget, you can check best Wireless Earphones under 3000 Rs in India.

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Lenevo HT10

The Lenevo HT10 gives an aesthetical look. The case of the earbuds has got mat finishing. The case is made up of plastic. It is not cheap plastic. Instead, it gives a premium look.

The noise cancellation is very much satisfying. It makes a significant difference while listening to songs when you are outdoor. All of the things that are not good with these earbuds is the bulkiness of the earbuds.

When you press the button on the earbuds, it pushes the buds more inside the ear canal. And honestly, it starts hurting the ears. We do like the sound quality though. The overall sound output is impressive.

The earbuds are loud and rich. The sound latency is too low. They are providing aptX technology with these earbuds. And in case you don’t know, APTX technology is mostly found in expensive headsets and earbuds.

Getting APTX is a remarkable feature of these earbuds. It is tough to find APXT in this price range. The battery life is quite average. These earbuds are worth purchasing under this price range. If you want to read more similar articles, then you can visit purchase guidance.

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