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Most Popular 10 WOW WOW Wubbzy Games – Flash Game Series for Kids

WOW WOW Wubbzy Games – Flash game series for kids with high-quality games. Read about all games in series and link to play them for free.


Introduction to WOW WOW Wubbzy Games
Details about Famous Games
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Introduction to WOW WOW Wubbzy Games

The idea of WOW WOW Wubbzy Games comes from cartoon series with the same name. It’s one of the popular cartoon series for kids and people of all ages. The main focus of cartoon of this series is to teach kids life lessons. The main character of these games is very nice, humble, and loving. You can play these games even you are older and help yellow Wubbzy to save the day.

Many games are created on different topics for this series. As you can read above, it’s a flash game series that you can play online. All important links are given below which can connect you directly to pages on different sites to play this game directly. Flash player is always required for you to play it on your browsers.

Some other characters are also introduced in-game series which are very helpful and friendly to the main character. One of famous character is her friend who may look very nice & cool but very clever to invent a lot of new things in games. These inventions always help others and also teach kids lessons to help others.

Another friend to the hero is Walden. The most important character of the game who wants to learn about almost everything. He is a complete knowledge factory and willing to learn almost everything possible. Kids can also get a chance to learn with him when playing these games.

All of these characters work together and help others in-game when there is trouble. Almost every game in this series is very important to learn something new. One important feature of this game is for everyone to learn something new and also implement it directly in-game.

Details about Famous Games

1- Daisy Kickity Kick Ball

Very cool game in series where the main concept is about helping main characters to catch the ball from falling to the ground. It’s not just about catching the ball but you must force the ball to bounce back and hit different items too. Play as one of character in-game which you must choose when begin playing.

Remember, every level is difficult from the previous. You can complete one level after getting more points by hitting different items using ball in-game. But many new challenges can make it difficult to play for some kids and they need to find some new methods to use that ball to hit more items. Ball games are always kids’ favorite of all times.

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2- Wubbzy Gardening

Similar to other games, you will find a video played on the start of the game which can explain what actually is going to happen in this game. This time Wubbzy must create most beautiful garden to complete the game. It can take a lot of time and you must know the player must be creative to finish this game easily. This game can help kids think about something new to create the most beautiful garden ever.

Gardening can take a lot of time and you should understand that this game is also fun like other games. It means you can find it very easy to play compared to some other card games. Creativity is very important which can help you play this game easily. Gardening game for series is true test for kids to discover their talent.

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3- Wubbzy Silly Speeder

Full of action game where the hero is trying to win the race against an orange dinosaur. As a player you must help him, too many different problems are everywhere which you must face and try to reach the end. Remember, collecting purple balls when playing is important for you because it can speed up your game.

The main target of the game is to defeat dinosaur, who can also collect these balls and use other ways to speed up. Game is really fun for kids because its continue action where they are in competition with someone. You can imagine the effect of this game which can improve the level of competition in any kid but using very positive ways.

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4- Wubbzy The Great Microphone Hunt

Hidden objects games are always very popular to test and improve the skill level of anyone. Hunt for Microphone is a hidden object game for kids. You must play as a hero and try to find these microphones at different levels of the game. A lot of skills are required to solve different puzzles. Many pictures are created for this game where you must find hidden microphones.

We recommend every kid to play this game who love hidden object games and unable to play them as they are very hard. Hunt for microphones is more easy compare to a very high level of games because its for kids only. Test your skills and you may be able to find hidden objects with very little time when you play the next level. After developing your skills on the starting level, you may be able to complete more heard levels which are coming more easily.

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5- Wow Wow Wubbzy Blitz

A very cool and simple puzzle game where you must connect different characters in very less time given for each round. On-screen you can find too many characters mixed up with each other, your main goal is to draw a line between them. But time is most important in this game and you may find it different for every single level.

After the player can connect all possible characters together, they will disappear and give some bonus points. Every level is different and more difficult compare to previous ones which you know the important features of these games. You may find more challenges in the next levels which is very important to make the game more interesting for kids.

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6- Wubbzy Amazing Adventure

Another game in series which focuses on collecting different items which are required for Wubbzy to complete his home. In this Amazing Adventure, there are many different items available which is very challenging to collect on time.

By hitting the space bar, it can take you to many platforms and items. You can find it challenging everywhere because the difficulty level is different. It’s always best to collect as many items as possible for home in-game. Watch the video at the start of the game and learn about what you must do in-game. This game can become harder for players if they don’t learn fast about what to do actually.

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7- Wubbzy Coloring

The most important fact that Coloring games are always favorite for kids. Many kids who don’t even know anything about art, they also love to do color on different blank pictures. Play this cool game where you need to need to fill different amazing images, you can use colors as per cartoon series. Other options are to run your own imagination and draws any image as per your desires.

Game is simple and unlike other games in series, you cant find too many challenges. But there are many images which kids can use to color. Some colors for images are used in cartoon series which kids can also use as a challenge for themselves. But you must understand that there are no limitations for anyone in-game.

8- Wubbzy Robots

Best game for kids where you must complete different robots to impress your friends Wubbzy. There are 10 different types of robots in this game, each with a complete random structure. In simple words, your task is to collect all different pieces of a robot and make the perfect shape.

You can understand this game is different from all games in the WOW WOW Wubbzy Games series. Game is more like a puzzle game where your target is to complete a picture like robots with the help of different mini pieces. Consider Wubbzy Robots more like a challenge for kids because it’s not easy to complete this game.

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9- Wubbzy Underwater Adventure

Underwater Adventure is a really cool game where your main target is to help Wubbzy drive submarine without hitting any items coming to its ways. Use bubble shooting features and also collect as many items possible for getting too many bonus points. Sub Marine can get weaker after hitting some objects on its ways and too many hits may crack it totally and player can lose the game.

One of the best WOW WOW Wubbzy Game where everything is on speed level. There is less thinking involved in this game because you must know that moving submarine right left and get more bonus points is the only way to win this game. If you stop and think about plan or rest, you may lose the game. Consider it fast action game in the whole series for kids.

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10- Wow Wow Wubbzy Ring Catch

The main purpose of this game is to catch falling rings from the sky. But you must know that too many dangerous objects are also coming which can hurt you and slow down. Moving fast to catch as many rings possible is very important to get more score in-game.

There are 4 levels in this game which are becoming difficult with time. At the start of the game, you may see some rings are coming down with less speed, only a few dangerous items are coming down. But after you complete the first level, the speed of rings can increase with too many dangerous items coming to hit yours with more speed.

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The most important article with almost every single piece of information you need to know is written on Numuki. They discussed too much about this game with a list of different games that they consider are best in this series. Read about the top 10 games in series on Game Kid. They also answer some of the important basic questions to series which can help you a lot. Another important feature of this site is to play these games with flash. It’s not the only site to provide information too but they allow you to play these games for free too.

The fandom site is always helpful for everyone because they collect information about almost everything in the world. Read an article written on the site which is helpful for everyone. But their main focus is always to collect all information, as you can read about almost every game created for series on their site instead of the best games.

Conclusion for WOW WOW Wubbzy Games

As you read above complete introduction to these games and every single popular game in series is discussed with details too. We strongly recommend you to play these games and also suggest to everyone else around you, especially kids who may waste time on useless games. This series become important part of the teaching game system where kids always get chance to learn something new at every point and also chance to act on it.

Share this article with everyone and it can really help others. Every human learning period is when they are kids. These small games are important to help them understand some important lessons easily and it can impact their real life too. Playing a game with friends can help everyone. Some kids who try to solve some puzzles in this game together cab learn too much from it.

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