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The Functionality and Performance of a WQ Series Submersible Sewer Pump

WQ Series submersible sewage pumps are specially designed sewage pumping system that makes use of the latest technology like twin screw pumping, slip free pumping and electronic pumping. They are generally used in wet environments, e.g. in sewers, rivers, canals, dams, military sewers, sludge dumps, etc to pump sewage. Generally the pumps are used as primary sources of sewage disposal; however they can also be used as back up sources for non-septic environments. Read more about WQ Series Submersible Sewer Pump below.

The specifications of a WQ Series submersible sewage pump depends upon its application. Generally they are available in three variants, namely: WQ Series pumps with low rated voltage, WQ Series pumps with high rated voltage and WQ Series pump with low volume ratio. A combination of these three variants provides a wide range of pumping solutions, suitable for various applications.

One of the most popular and commonly used submersibles in the market today is the WQ Series centrifugal pumps. They are generally utilized in wet environments for lifting water from above the ground and pumping it into a sewer or other pre-existing system for better water treatment. The two designs of WQ Series submersible sewage pumps are mono block and dual block. The former is similar to a standard submersible pump but with the presence of an additional positive displacement head. Dual block pump on the other hand is identical to a standard submersible pump but comes with a water injection head. They can pump sewage at a higher pressure than a mono block.

The impeller for a WQ Series submersible sewage pump generally includes two shafts, namely the inlet and discharge shaft. The housing of the pump is made out of fiberglass, stainless steel or aluminum. The housing also features a shaft guard, which can prevent the shafts from being damaged by abrasive materials during operation. A unique characteristic of the WQ Series submersible pump is the impeller arrangement that incorporates helical drains and efficient water circulation.

An efficient sewage pump not only delivers high pressure and timely pump flow but also ensures superior quality of sewage waste stream by reducing the possibility of seepage and odor problems. An ideal pump has a high efficiency combined with high temperature range. It should also have a high enough water flow, be of good quality and have a capacity that matches the anticipated volume of the pumped sewage.

The motor or engine of the WQ Series submersible pumps is also of the best quality, being specially designed to work in extreme temperatures. When installing a submersible sewer pump, make sure you have a high efficiency motor that also comes with a high temperature range. It is important to check the horsepower of the motor as well as the shaft horsepower rating to ensure that the pump delivers the maximum pressure consistently. If the shaft horsepower rating is lower than the maximum pressure capacity of the pump, it is necessary to enhance the performance of the device through the addition of a better pump body and a larger rotary screw.

The impeller of the WQ Series pump features a sealed impeller design that has an optimized flow-through path for superb fluid motion and excellent sewage isolation. For optimum performance of the submersible pump impeller, it is important to install a high grade ball bearing or sealed journal. The impeller head should have a clean appearance and be free of nicks and burrs. If possible, it is preferable to use a ball bearing that also incorporates a rear diffuser. The pump impeller can also be capped at various different temperatures depending on the need of the application.

Lastly, the cooling system of the WQ Series submersible pump features three fans that are each installed at different points within the housing. The cooling fan is commonly placed above the impeller fan and is responsible for drawing air into the housing while concurrently drawing water vapor from the surrounding environment. The third fan is positioned inside the housing and is responsible for drawing air and moisture out of the pump body and transporting it to the discharge nozzle. The cooling system ensures that the motor is able to operate at full capacity throughout the season.

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