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Zazzle Vs Redbubble: Which Company Makes the Better Phone Cases and T-Shirts?

Zazzle Vs Redbubble – Both companies offer high quality designs and art prints, with different differences that might be handy to you.

If you are shopping on the Internet for printing companies then you need to know the difference between Zazzle and Redbubble. After reading this article you will have a clear idea of what each of the companies offer, and why they are better than the other. The main decision between Zazzle and Redbubble has to do with your design style and what kind of printing you want from a print online store.

What is the Differences between Zazzle & Redbubble?

So what is the Differences between Zazzle & Redbubble? The answer is, it really depends on what you’re looking for from a t-shirt online store. Both companies offer high quality designs and art prints, with different differences that might be handy to you. For example, if you want to get a really unique t-shirt that you can wear as a one of a kind original designer print, then Zazzle would be great for your needs.

On the other hand, if you simply want to be able to put different designs onto a t-shirt without any kind of overhead costs or additional fees then Zazzle would probably be the better option for your needs. But have also made a quick comparison chart below to compare the differences and make it easier for you to figure out which platform is best for you.

The way that Zazzle works is pretty simple. Basically you have the opportunity to upload your artwork into the Zazzle design generator, and then select different designs that you like and upload them into the site. You also have the option to set a minimum commission rate that you would like to pay, and you will only pay that much money when someone decides to buy a design from your artwork.

Essentially this system works by basically creating a demand market for your custom designs. This demand market then drives up the cost of your art prints, because more people are interested in having them. In this case it is the cost of the commission rate that drives up the price of the prints.

Society on the other hand uses an extremely streamlined:

Society on the other hand uses an extremely streamlined uploading process that does not take much time or hassle. All you have to do is find a group of people who have similar interests to what you have to offer and start chatting.

After you upload your designs you simply wait for your customers to order them through either an online form email, or through another method. Once your customers have paid for your custom t-shirts or phone cases, you then get a credit card number to send the purchased merchandise to. This is a much faster and simpler process that most people appreciate.

Redbubble and Zazzle differ primarily in the way that they market their custom creations. Zazzle focuses their advertising efforts on local marketing efforts such as launching their line of neon phone cases and t-shirts at local retailers such as Bed Bath and Beyond as well as major department stores such as Macy’s and Nordstrom’s while Redbubble has a much wider marketing focus including an extensive selection of products for both brick and mortar businesses as well as online retailers women’s rights. Thus, with this in mind one could make the argument that the demand marketplaces simply have more choices available to them.

What exactly makes Zazzle and Redbubble different?

What exactly makes Zazzle and Redbubble different though is how their design process works. While both companies allow customers to upload their artwork into a digital format so that others can create a printable version of the designs, the methods they use to create the designs are very different.

Zazzle uses a very simple and basic three dimensional process called “Sculpting by Numbers” (SBN). This process allows customers to upload their design digitally and then allow the company to add different shapes and sizes onto the digital file in order to create their unique t-shirt or phone cases.

On the other hand Redbubble uses:

On the other hand Redbubble uses a much more advanced and complicated process known as “Sewing by Numbers.” This technique allows the company to add many thousands of tiny numbers that are printed onto large computer screens.

The numbers are then organized into an accurate pattern which is then cut into exact pieces of fabric using high-speed printers. These pieces of fabric are then sewn together using a specialized sewing machine. Because the company uses thousands of tiny dots for their stitches it takes many hours for the company to create one single case.

From a marketing standpoint both companies are doing a good job of creating cases and printed items that are unique and fun. Both companies will continue to innovate with their marketing efforts.

In addition, both companies use highly creative and unique logos for their business printed on their custom T-shirts and phone cases. In the end, you have to decide for yourself which company is more worthy of your patronage. Hope you like “Zazzle Vs Redbubble”

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