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How Zero Trust Solution can Play Role in Securing Digital Assets?

To avoid cyber attacks and data theft in A business, you need to implement a cybersecurity solution. Read about Zero Trust Solution.


Today, almost everything you utilize to run and grow your business is using the web, right from your web presence, running advertising campaigns to your companies’ documents, tools, and manuals stored in the drive.

It may turn out to be a problematic situation if someone else may get their hands on the digital assets that are stored in the cloud, organizations network, or on devices. You need to protect these valuable digital assets from not only hackers but from your employees too. 

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As the global digital asset management market would reach $8.1 billion by 2024, to avoid cyber attacks and data theft, you need to implement a cybersecurity solution that does more than a basic VPN. 

Where Do I Start to Protect My Digital Assets? 

Since most companies use a VPN that provides a secure channel connection, it won’t secure the applications, devices, and resources stored in the companies’ cloud database. 

To make this possible, organizations are now implementing Zero Trust Network Access that verifies every connection in their network and provides access only after trusting the connection source.

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Tips to protect the Company’s Digital assets: 

  • List your digital assets
  • Stay updated and secure company WiFi
  • Educate employees and limit access to resources
  • Use secure authentication 
  • Consider implementing Zero Trust Solution

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Need to protect Apps, Database & Devices

Since most of the employees are working from home or remotely, the need to secure digital assets and devices is essential. With the Alternative to VPN solution, organizations can connect company-owned and employee personal devices so that they are not vulnerable to any cyber-attacks. 

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that your software and tools are updated from time to time; specific solutions allow organizations’ admin to verify if all their cloud-based applications are up to date. If not, they can bulk update the software with a simple configuration. 

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Work from home is here to stay; even when the pandemic is over, organizations would allow their employees to work remotely. Since all the databases, applications, and tools are easily accessible from the web, the only thing that organizations should care about the most is in securing their digital assets, be it applications, documents, and end-points, using a Zero Trust Security Solution.

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