Why Zidane Left and What Awaits Ancelotti?

Why Zidane Left and What Awaits Ancelotti? - Amir Articles

Zinedine Zidane is not waiting for dismissal – he is a willful man. But his dismissal did not come as a surprise to those who work in the club – here they expected something like this and, perhaps, feared for a long time.

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The Frenchman did what he could: he pushed loud speeches, demanded to play desperately, and almost saved the season. In fact, the final position in the standings is even impressive, if you remember how badly the “creamy” sometimes played.

In early May, reports began to appear that Zidane would soon leave, but the coach himself denied everything. The season came to an end on Saturday, and Madrid were left without a single trophy. Five days later, Zizu announced that he was leaving. Again.

Some were surprised, some were not. Perez definitely not – he knew everything in advance. There is even information that the search for a new coach began two weeks before the last match.

Whether he knew or didn’t know, this kind of departure complicates a lot. Here reforms were already planned, and now a new headache has been added. Fortunately, they decided it very quickly, returning Carlo Ancelotti to the post of head coach, having bought him out of Everton.

And what about strengthening the composition? Everything here revolves around Kilian Mbappé – the main goal of the French for this transfer window. Here they get out as best they can: the striker was even asked not to sign a new contract, assuring him that Real Madrid would soon be completely different. The picture of the “creamy”, confidently taking the coveted Champions League cup with Zidane at the helm, turned out to be beautiful, but, alas, unrealistic. Now, after the departure of the idol of a million French people, the “royal club” immediately began to seem like a less attractive place to work.

We must not forget that Tottenham have a chance to get Gareth Bale again on the same rights as a year earlier. Most likely, Chairman Levy will take this opportunity.

It is also unclear what awaits the main squad in the new season. Sergio Ramos, Rafael Varane, Marcelo and Isco can all leave, and Luka Jovic, Martin Odegaard and Dani Ceballos will return from leases. The new coach will face the daunting task of picking the first squad; most likely, this is how new dissatisfied people will appear. The same Vinicius Junior, Zidane’s favorite, may end up at a broken trough and give up his place to Rodrigo.

After Zidane left, Real Madrid found themselves in a strange situation. No, there was no disaster, but the atmosphere of disappointment is very palpable. The future is again raising questions and concerns, and so far no one can predict how this will all turn out.

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