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10 Innovative Ways To Reuse Old Plastic Bottles?

An estimated 100 million tons of plastic are discarded every day, with around 80% of those bottles ending up in the waste stream. Our environment has suffered because of the garbage generated due to people drinking from plastic bottles and dumping them carelessly. Plastic bottles have over a thousand years of biodegradation, and burning them releases toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. The preservation of the environment requires that we all do our part. We should take our used bottles to the nearest bottle depots in Calgary or elsewhere and make it a practice of re-using plastic bottles by recycling them in creative ways. Once you start exploring this article, you’ll be amazed by how you can re-use your plastic bottles innovatively.

10 Ingenious Ways To Re-use Old Bottles

Because we rely on these resources, we must recycle plastic bottles in bottle depots or re-use them. Is there anything more we can do, or are we out of options? Use these plastic bottle recycling solutions to reduce your environmental impact and save money. Here are ten creative ways to re-use plastic bottles

  1. You can make your own stationery boxes

The garbage produced by office buildings contributes to landfill expansion. Don’t just toss the bottle after downing a cold Coke to break out of a 2 p.m. slump. Make pens holders and containers from plastic bottles to keep your workplace and creative supplies organized. Inspire people with your eco-friendly work and lifestyle habits.

  1. Coffee creamer containers may hold munchies

Is it challenging to keep your kitchen counters tidy? Re-use old plastic containers to store snacks. The simplicity of pouring liquids into bottles makes them suitable for transporting a range of meals. You can use coffee creamers to contain various items (e.g., sugar and salt).

  1. A lotion bottle charging dock

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, and keeping them charged can sometimes be an issue. You can make a cost-effective charging dock with your empty lotion bottle. You can charge more than one device on a single charging dock. Making a phone charger using recycled materials is straightforward. You’ll need just a lotion bottle, a marker, and a box cutter.

  1. Recycled 2-liter bottle water filters

Have you ever been stuck in the outdoors without clean drinking water? Isn’t that the case? You’ve been quite lucky if clean water is always accessible to you. Drinking filtered water is usually a good idea. A decent water filtering system need not be expensive. So you can filter water at home as well. You can do it by re-utilizing your plastic bottles innovatively.

  1. Plastic bottle trash can

Garbage can be constructed of recycled plastic bottles, and it is the most fantastic way to go green. Make a statement with a recycled trash can. The nearest bottle return depot in Calgary or wherever you live with a recycling facility can help you in this regard.

  1. Make a lamp with plastic bottle caps

The plastic bottle has received much attention, but what about the cap? You just need a few bottles cut in specific shapes, bottle caps, some wires, and a light bulb. You can add your personal style to your DIY lamp made of plastic bottle caps.

  1. Airplane toys from shampoo bottles

Bathtime toys made from shampoo bottles are a terrific way to keep youngsters entertained. Use your creativity to design the bottle with paint, stickers, and glue. You can end up making a beautiful toy airplane from a few plastic bottles. 

  1. Plastic bottle jet pack for kids

The very last-minute outfit shopping is not uncommon. Educate your child on the value of recycling plastic while simultaneously getting them thrilled about filling their pillowcase with hundreds of fun-sized candy bars. Make a plastic bottle jet pack to relieve some Halloween costume tension.

  1. Old laundry detergent jugs into toy cars

The simplest toys might be the most popular among kids. Re-using laundry detergent bottles may be used to make toy cars. Spare some caps for the wheels, and a big bottle should give the kids lots of room to paint.

  1. Make a plastic bottle sprinkler

Most individuals remember running through a front yard sprinkler as a youngster. Make a simple DIY sprinkler out of recycled plastic bottles for your kids. Connect your garden hose to a 2-liter punctured bottle. You can also use ballpoints to generate a more potent spray.


In a nutshell, no matter how dedicated you are to recycling plastic bottles, it’s even better if you’ll be able to find inventive uses for every single one of them! If you don’t intend to re-use them, make a plan to recycle plastic bottles at the nearest bottle depot. Make recycling simple for everyone in your household by setting up sorting bins or containers.

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