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About Us – You can read about almost everything in short words which is part of our site and what are plans for the future of this site.

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Amir Nazir is 10 Years old Content Writer, Blogger, SEO & Social Media Expert. Proud Owner of 1st site “Amir Articles” and build a new site “Answer Diary” in January 2021. The main writing categories are gaming, blogging, find a job and Education. You can contact him at [email protected] anytime.

Introduction to ANO & All Websites in ANO Group / Updated 26 July 2021

ANO is all about providing quality content to everyone in the world. There are 15 websites currently present in this network. Some are based on Pure niche and others all about General Topics. Below is a List of Sites With Some Basic Information.

Amir ArticlesGeneral8 Jul 20333328001
Answer Diary General11 Jan 2112249853
Mods DiaryGames14 Feb 2117201320
Trends WalletGeneral17 Feb 211519021
First Travel DiaryTravel6 Mar 21101800
First Health DiaryHealth22 Feb 21111802
Zone DiaryTools, Business10 Feb 21202002
Crucial PetsPets19 Feb 21141902
Coins ReaderBusiness, Crypto18 May 2192000
Readers CountryGeneral10 Jun 2182100
First Home DiaryHome Improvement27 Jun 2161800
First DM DiaryDigital Marketing27 Jun 2161800
First RE DiaryReal Estate27 Jun 2161800
First Services DiaryServices27 Jun 2151800
First Fashion DiaryFashion, Beauty27 Jun 2161800
First Tech DiaryTechnology18 July 2141700
First Education DiaryEducation19 July 2141700
First Law DiaryLaw19 July 2141900
First Products DiaryAffiliate Marketing19 July 2141700
First Family DiaryFamily19 July 2141700


Amir Articles – Home of Quality Content For Everyone in World / Access to Thousands of Articles in 50 Categories available on Amir Articles Carefully Chosen on Base of Quality.

Answer Diary – Answering Trending Questions Asked by Millions / Read answers to thousands of questions search by millions in Search Engines on Answer Diary Covering All Topics.


Zone Diary – Content Worth Gold With Focus on Trending Tools / Tools are an essential Part of Daily Life; read About Tools Chosen After Careful Research as part of Zone Diary.

Mods Diary – Access to Trending and Top Ranking Gaming Mods / Sometimes Players Love to Play Mods more than Original Games; read about some High-Quality Mods part of Mods Diary.

Trends Wallet – Focus on Latest Trends Affecting Our Daily Life / Bookmark Trends Wallet to know-how world is changing around us, Effect on everyone, focus on Tech, health, and more.

Readers Country – Quality Content With Focus on Everyone in World / Read high-quality articles in different categories on Readers Country that covers almost every part of our life, for everyone.

Crucial Pets – Discover Connection Between Humans and Pets / Bookmark Crucial Pets if you love pets & looking for tips, discover the secret connection between humans and pets.

First Health Diary – Focus on Nature Creation To Stay Healthy / First Health Diary is about tips, advice, the best way to solve health problems using natural methods or products.

First Travel Diary – Explore the Whole World Without Traveling / It’s important for everyone to know About Places they want to visit, First Travel Diary Can Help You Exploring World.

Coins Reader – Exploring Crypto and Business World / Coins Reader Connects Users With the Latest Updated Content, Uniquely Exploring the Crypto and Business World for Interested Users.


First Digital Marketing Diary – Explore Business World Digitally / First Digital Marketing Diary covers everything connected with the most powerful online business world known as “Digital Marketing”

First Real Estate Diary – Deep Analysis of Real Estate Market / Real Estate is a very important part of our life already and you must bookmark “First Real Estate Diary” to stay updated about Latest News.

First Fashion Diary – Exploring Fashion World in Unique Way / First Fashion Diary covers everything from humans top to bottom, beauty tips tricks, clothes, and much more but in a new unique way.

First Services Diary – World Largest Market Place for All Services / If you need suggestions about any kind of services, First Services Diary is the best choice for you to visit because we cover everything.

First Home Diary – Best Home Improvement Guide and Tips / First Home Diary includes tips, tricks, guides, and much more covering everything connected to Your Home, Lawn, and surroundings.


First Tech Diary – Exploration of Tech World in Unique Way / First Tech Diary take your love for Technology to another level with the latest updates, top lists, everything about tech for you.

First Education Diary – World Best Online Resources Academy / Find the best resources about education by visiting First Education Diary, best for students, parents, and teachers.

First Products Diary – Guides to Buy World Best Products Online / Find products in almost every category on First Products Diary, in form of top lists to choose only the best one for you.

First Law Diary – Understanding of Laws Without Studying it / First Law Diary is About the Most powerful guides to help you understand laws without actually studying in school.

First Family Diary – Exploring Relations Between Family Members / First Family Diary connects you to resources about parents, kids, friends from health to almost every part of life.

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