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About Us – You can read about almost everything in short words which is part of our site and what are plans for the future of Amir Articles.


Amir Nazir is 10 Years old Content Writer, Blogger, SEO & Social Media Expert. Proud Owner of 1st site “Amir Articles” and build a new site “Answer Diary” in January 2021. The main writing categories are gaming, blogging, find a job and Education. You can contact him at aamritri@gmail.com anytime.

Peter Caleb is an American with a lot of knowledge of politics, writing on different sites already. You can find some of the articles written by him on our site section “News and Politics“. He believes in a complete change of America making it Great Again as per the vision of Patriots.

Main Purpose of Amir Articles

The main purpose of our site to provide users with unique, high quality, original content. We are not copying anything from any site and unlike most other sites, we focus on QUALITY instead of QUANTITY. Amir’s Article is not focusing on one specific topic only.

We are expanding the site with time to cover more important topics. The main categories are mentioned below which are currently active and you can read articles are about them, some are coming soon.

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You can find our sitemap at AMIR SITEMAP, POST SITEMAP, CATEGORY SITEMAP, and PAGE SITEMAP. Access our PRIVACY POLICY, CONTACT US, COOKIES POLICY AND DISCLAIMER to read important information before using Amir Articles.

We started this site on 8 July 2020 and planning to make it the best site in the world in just the next 12 months.

Categories – Group 1

  1. Education: Many articles in the Education Category Covers almost Everything for Students, from finding the right topic to Free resources, which can help.
  2. Programming and Coding: Most Unique and High-Quality Articles related to Programming and Coding. This content is good for everyone connected to this field or interested it.
  3. Law and Order: Best Articles that can help everyone connected to Law and Order field. It can include different companies, workers, or even ordinary people too.
  4. FIND A JOB: There are thousands of people jobless in the whole world and their number increase over 1000 times because of Corona Virus. We will add some most important and high-quality articles which will guide people on how to find a job online and also may add a list of jobs like 500 latest jobs Etc.

Categories – Group 2

  1. eCommerce Products: If you are looking for some quality products, read articles added in this category. Each Content guides you to amazing Products you must Know.
  2. Business: Articles related to Business can help clear a lot of Concepts. Our Category includes High-Quality Content for Readers Connected with Different Business.
  3. Finance: Collection of Articles that can help everyone involved in Finance. It can help everyone involve in different kinds of Business people.
  4. AutoMobile: The automobile is a prevalent industry with millions of people connected. Read Some articles that can help everyone involved in the Automobile Industry.
  5. Earn Money Online: Because of Unemployment Earn Money Online Become most Popular Topic to search. Read some fantastic articles to help you with your money-making journey.

Categories – Group 3

  1. Tech: Technology is the Future of Humans, and they take full advantage of it. Read about news, updates, products to help to discover the best in the field.
  2. Digital Marketing: Read Different Articles covering almost all categories part of the popular Business concept of Digital Marketing. Articles for DM are unique and helpful.
  3. Social Media: It looks like we can’t live without Social Media. Every article in this section can help you to properly use these networks, exploring their features.
  4. Blogging: The main purpose of this category is to help those looking for earning money online from blogging. We write a few articles about it and try to clear a lot of concepts.

Categories – Group 4

  1. Lifestyle: These articles’ primary focus is to improve our lifestyle, way of living to the next level, almost cover all topics connected to it for our readers.
  2. Home Improvement: Best Articles for Home Improvement helping everyone to decorate different parts of the home. Tips to Save Money & Guide to choosing quality products for the home.
  3. Health and Fitness: Health: Includes tips or connected to popular cheap methods saving a lot of money, articles about viral diseases, and much more.
  4. Travel: Traveling around the world become humans’ favorite way to spend extra time or enjoy their life. Read articles that can help you find the best destinations.
  5. Sports: These articles may include news about sports, providing some vital information connected to Sports filed at all levels. Very helpful for Sports lovers.
  6. Beauty and Fashion: Fashion and Beauty have become very popular these days because everyone wants to look perfect in front of others. These Articles will surely help you.

Categories – Group 5

  1. Payment and Services: Quality Content about Online or Offline Services of all Kind accessible from Websites easily, Payment methods such as Blockchain and much more.
  2. Gifts and Celebrations: Different Articles about Celebrations on different Occasions and Amazing or Trending Gifts ideas to explore for surprising your family or friends.
  3. Motivation and Productivity: Motivation Tips and Content can help you continue fighting in life but articles about Productivity explore the strength of humans at all levels.
  4. GAMES: Most of the articles in this section are about Similar/Alternative games, different Mods, and guides. Some articles are about Android games but mostly Pc games are mainly focused. Some of the popular subcategories which are important for you to explore are Pc Games, Pc Games Ranked 30 Years, Browser Games, Nintendo Switch Games & PlayStation Games. Click to Visit the main category page.
  5. General: Articles with limited entries, unable to form a particular category, or random content are part of General until decided to transfer anywhere else.

Categories – Group 6

  1. News and Politics: Focus on Trending News of the whole world, Providing Quality and Neutral content about Politics without siding any specific group, party or religion.

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