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About Us


Amir Nazir is 10 years old blogger working on the 1st website “Amir Articles“. He knows a lot about how to become a successful Blogger & you can read many articles written on different topics by him on this site. Most favorite Categories are “Games“, “Find a Job“, “World Trends” & “Blogging Tutorial” & accepting Guest Posts to add them in “GuestBook“.

Peter Caleb is an American with a lot of knowledge of politics, writing on different sites already. You can find some of the articles written by him on our site section “World Trends”. He believes in a complete change of America making it Great Again as per the vision of Patriots. Read all his articles at https://amirarticles.com/world-trends/

Main Purpose of Amir Articles

The main purpose of our site to provide users with unique, high quality, original content. We are not copying anything from any site and unlike most other sites, we focus on QUALITY instead of QUANTITY. Amir’s Article is not focusing on one specific topic only. We are expanding the site with time to cover more important topics. The main categories are mentioned below which are currently active and you can read articles are about them, some are coming soon.

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You can find our sitemap at AMIR SITEMAP, POST SITEMAP, CATEGORY SITEMAP, and PAGE SITEMAP. Access our PRIVACY POLICY, CONTACT US, COOKIES POLICY AND DISCLAIMER to read important information before using Amir Articles.

We started this site on 8 July 2020 and planning to make it the best site in the world in just the next 6 months.

Most Active Categories

  1. World Trends: Few articles are written on topics like Corona Virus, USA politics, and humanity. One of the most active categories on Amir Article control by Peter Caleb for writing amazing content for American people. Click to Visit the main category page.
  2. GAMES: Most of the articles in this section are about Similar/Alternative games, different Mods, and guides. Some articles are about Android games but mostly Pc games are mainly focused. Some of the popular subcategories which are important for you to explore are Pc Games, Pc Games Ranked 30 Years, Browser Games, Nintendo Switch Games & PlayStation Games. Click to Visit the main category page.
  3. FIND A JOB: There are thousands of people jobless in the whole world and their number increase over 1000 times because of Corona Virus. We will add some most important and high-quality articles which will guide people on how to find a job online and also may add a list of jobs like 500 latest jobs Etc. Click to Visit the main category page.
  4. Blogging: The main purpose of this category is to help those looking for earning money online from blogging. We write a few articles about it and try to clear a lot of concepts. Click to Visit the main category page.

Inactive Categories

  1. BLOG CATEGORIES: A most important section of the site where many different categories are collected. Few popular categories are ALternative/Similar, Guides/Reviews/ Browser Games, and Inspirational Posts. It’s just the beginning of our site and you may find many other categories soon with time. Few popular subcategories which you must explore are Earn Money Online, Education, Health, GuestBook, Lifestyle, Dark Posts, Business, and Travel. Click to Visit the main category page.

Future Categories

  1. Modding Program: Its schedule to create a modding section for the creation of original mods for a few popular games. The main purpose of this main category will be to create a home for a huge collection of all kinds of mods.

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