10 Things You Need in the Perfect Gamer’s Room

Equipped as you are with a console or PC, along with a monitor, a selection of video games, and perhaps even an advanced sound system, the basics for gaming are well in place. This, in turn, leads to an intriguing inquiry: what additional enhancements could be made to elevate the gaming experience even more?

While a satisfactory gaming session can certainly be enjoyed with these basic components, the incorporation of a few select items could transform your space into the gaming room you’ve always envisioned. This article is dedicated to exploring various elements that could play a pivotal role in realizing such an aspiration. It should be noted that while some of these additions are deemed crucial, others might be considered more supplementary in nature.

Comfortable Chair

This item likely stands out as the most evident on the list. It is generally understood that, barring virtual reality gaming, the majority of gaming activities are undertaken in a seated position. Therefore, a good, comfortable chair is essential. The market offers many comfortable chairs with lumbar support for long gaming sessions, and you can even find chairs with cup holders or other features important to you. Remember, the right chair can significantly improve your gaming experience by providing comfort and supporting good posture. To select the ideal chair for your gaming needs, a visit to the supergamereviews website is highly recommended. This site offers a comprehensive collection of high-quality reviews, covering a wide range of models to suit various preferences and requirements.

Good Lighting

Spending lots of time looking at a monitor means lighting becomes a really significant factor. No one wants lamps that cast glare on the TV or monitor screen, nor is it desirable to sit in darkness for hours – unless you’re playing a horror game. Make sure your room has good lighting that complements the gaming process. Ideal lighting should be adjustable to suit different times of the day and different gaming genres.

LED Strips

Continuing with the lighting theme. Good light is important, but there’s no need to stop there. Lighting is also an excellent way to create a mood. Find a couple of LED strips and stick them on the wall behind the monitor – congratulations, your room now has atmospheric lighting! You can even choose strips with changing colors and set the tone by selecting a specific palette before a long gaming session. This not only enhances the visual experience but also can be adjusted to reflect the mood of different games.

Cable Management

For many, this is a necessary point, especially when it comes to playing on multiple consoles or dealing with the cable mess from PlayStation VR. Your wires should look neat and organized. It’s not just about maintaining order, but also about being able to quickly find the needed cable when necessary. Look into cable holders, Velcro ties, and cable boxes. If you can’t get your hands on these, regular tape or twine will do. Cable management plays a huge role in gaming, so be sure to dedicate time to it. Effective cable management also helps prevent accidents and makes it easier to keep your gaming area clean and tidy.

Gamepad Attachments

Yes, these are not essential items, but they can still be useful, especially if you play to win. The best joystick and controller attachments can improve your gameplay level, but even if that doesn’t concern you, they can still be useful. At the very least, a joystick with attachments becomes much more comfortable to use. Adding to this, certain attachments can also enhance the tactile feedback and responsiveness, which can be crucial in fast-paced or competitive games.

Keyboard Cleaning Brush

If you’re a regular computer user, a keyboard cleaning brush should already be part of your arsenal, regardless of how often you play games. For obvious reasons, keyboards tend to get dirty, and if not cleaned regularly, they can become quite unpleasant. Use the brush regularly, and at the very least, your keyboard will function without any glitches. Regular cleaning not only maintains hygiene but also ensures the longevity and optimal performance of your keyboard.

External Hard Drive

With games requiring more and more space each year, removable storage devices are becoming an increasingly significant element of a gamer’s room, especially if you buy games online. Constantly deleting, downloading, and re-downloading games is not a pleasant task, so a removable storage device can be very handy. This is particularly true if your console doesn’t have much built-in memory. Before purchasing, conduct a little market research to avoid getting a hard drive that processes information at a snail’s pace. Additionally, an external hard drive also provides a backup for your game data, which is crucial in case of system failures.

Wall Shelves

Again, this is not as important as some other things on our list, but wall shelves will help keep your gaming room clean and orderly. Storing consoles, joysticks, games, and other items on these shelves is much better than piling them on a table. Plus, it’s an excellent way to combat clutter. Wall shelves not only help in organizing your gaming space but also add to the aesthetic appeal of the room, allowing you to showcase your gaming collection stylishly.

Foot Hammock

This is a question of comfort, so you might have already addressed it by buying a good chair. But if you feel that your feet need more comfort, consider foot hammocks that can be hung under the computer desk. This is especially important for long gaming sessions, as hours of gaming will become much more pleasant. In addition to comfort, a foot hammock can help in maintaining better posture and reducing strain on your legs and lower back, which is important for your overall health during extended periods of sitting.

Headphone Stand

A stand for your headphones, while often overlooked, is indeed an indispensable addition to any gamer’s room. Especially for those who frequently indulge in online gaming, quality headphones likely form an integral part of their gaming arsenal. The advantage of having a designated stand where one’s headphones can be neatly hung cannot be overstated. Such a stand not only maintains the tidiness of the gaming area but also serves to safeguard the headphones from potential harm, ensuring their longevity. Furthermore, this stand offers convenience by keeping the headphones within easy reach. In terms of aesthetics, it can be observed that the addition of a headphone stand imparts a touch of professionalism and style to the gaming setup.

Additionally, while the feasibility of this might vary, it should be noted that adequate space is paramount for those considering the addition of a virtual reality headset to their gaming collection. The importance of having sufficient room in a gaming area transcends mere storage needs. It is crucial for safe movement during immersive VR gaming sessions. Adequate space in this context not only elevates the gaming experience but also plays a critical role in ensuring safety, effectively mitigating the risk of accidents that could arise from constrained movement areas.


In conclusion, crafting the perfect gamer’s room is about blending functionality, comfort, and personal style. From the essentials like a comfortable gaming chair and a well-equipped PC or console setup, to the finer details like a foot hammock and a headphone stand, each element plays a pivotal role in enhancing your gaming experience. Good lighting and sound systems immerse you in the game world, while accessories like an external hard drive and cable management solutions ensure a seamless and clutter-free environment. 

Personal touches like wall shelves and a dedicated VR space not only reflect your passion for gaming but also make the space uniquely yours. Remember, the ultimate goal is to create a space that is not just about playing games, but a haven that resonates with your gaming style and maximizes your comfort and enjoyment. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, these 10 things are a solid foundation for building a gaming room that will be the envy of your friends and a cherished personal retreat.

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