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15 Essential Kitchen Tools You Need

Cooking can be hassle and time consuming task if one does not have the right instruments. Similarly, it can equally be fun and easy if you are provided with convenient to use utensils. So whether you are doing a makeover of your kitchen or just desire to add comfort and accessibility; today, let me enlighten you with 15 essentials Kitchen Tools that you need, to make your cooking experience smooth and your food exquisite!

  1. Food Container Set
  2. Kitchen Organizer/Dispenser 3 n 1
  3. Grill pan
  4. Sauté Pan
  5. Kitchen Wood Tray
  6. Sandwich Maker
  7. Air fryer
  8. Hand blender
  9. Steel Grater
  10. Food ties set
  11. Knife Sets
  12. Draining Mats
  13. Bamboo Straws
  14. Thermos Pump Flask President Stainless Steel
  15. Muffin Molds

Food Container Set:
It is an essential product to have for the storage of leftovers. The hassle of keeping food or other eatables in shoppers and kitchenware is now easily avoidable by opting for the airtight kitchen jar set by JB Saeed Studio.  These food containers are microwave friendly so you can easily heat the food in them only.

Kitchen Organizer/ Dispenser 3 in 1.
An item as such is an attractive and smart choice for your kitchen and budget. You no longer have to worry about where to keep your electronics in the kitchen so that nothing may spill on them. This smart kitchen organizer will allow aesthetics to your kitchen’s empty wall as well as give easy access to your wraps’ sheets. The best part is that it is detachable to be used separately.

Grill Pan:
Are you planning to have a steaks and BBQ party on your birthday? You’re right! You do need a grill pan for that perfectly cooked meat with steak’s appetizing look. Those fine grilled lines are the shine of steaks or your grilled sandwiches. Pepita granite grill pan for the stove is the choice to make because of its long life and even heating ability. Such a pan will favor an unbeatable stone effect finish to your food.

Sauté Pan

These pans are in use in day to day life of Pakistani families.  Any desi food-loving family loves curries and aromatic sauces. For that exotic looking dish, you must be aware of how much using correct cooking ware is important. Sauté pan varies from deep to flat serving for different reasons. For delicious traditional cuisine, one must spend money on the best options on the market.

Kitchen Wood Tray
Wood nowadays is more aesthetic than any other modern artistic element of beauty.  A wooden serving tray would inject a touch of the convention into your crockery. Not only that, now wooden trays are made highly fancy to enhance the look and vision overall. The wooden tray can easily be used for daily purposes and artistic ones can be kept for guests.

Sandwich Maker
Sandwiches are an evergreen dish to have on the table. From adults to kids, everyone gladly welcomes a tasty sandwich serving. The twist in fillings of sandwiches along with its looks of different kinds would definitely be able to give a new look to your menu. It has the option to prepare a common sandwich or give it a new look by grill sandwich maker plate or use this appliance as a waffle maker as well.

Air Fryer

In this time of delicious food everywhere, one should be concerned about their health as well. Various amounts of air fryers are available at Jb. Saeed studio makes cooking delightful and wholesome. To all those health-conscious out there, by using an air fryer, food consumes 80% less fat comparatively, without demanding compromise from your taste buds.

Hand Blender Set

This is an appliance that works as a partner in cooking. Every dish, once or many times requires chopped or liquid ingredients.  With the aid of a hand blender machine and vegetable chopper set, the work could be lessened and time-consuming tasks can be done in minutes.

Steel Grater:

In the fast city life that Pakistan offers, everybody wants quick work done. With this kitchen gadget, you can easily complement your dinner table with a quick salad platter.  The steel grater is that one gadget that may as well be considered a necessity in the kitchen by some women. Steal grater with a variety of cutting options is another thing to look at when buying this product.

Food Ties Set:
This is, certainly an underestimated product. Food ties of this kind would pay many benefits to the organization of legumes in your basket or fridge.  Are you tired of keeping those longer length vegetables in shoppers? Or just having them laying in your basket making everything difficult to grab? Food ties would eliminate this mismanagement. You can tie up from a bunch of mint leaves to spinach and easily keep them tugged at their own places.

Knife Set

Well, this is mostly a no-brainer of how important a knife is in the kitchen. However, the matter of concern here is to have the right knife for the task at hand. A good chopping knife would not do well in piecing meat, similarly, a sharp meat knife is dangerous to do cutting with. Consequently, it is essential to have this 10 piece knife set from Jb. Saeed studio that consist of a knife for any purpose that may arrive. 

Draining Mat
No one likes to have a water trail on their kitchen counters or floor. With the help of a Draining mat, excessive water is drained easily. It is durable and safes dishes from getting scratches. A conveniently cleanable mat in black would give your kitchen a clean and tidy look!

Bamboo Straws:
There is no surprise how much plastic causes harm to the nature and environment. Especially plastic straws are so widely used and thrown away carelessly. With the increased campaigns to save the earth from plastic, straws bamboo provides you with the satisfaction of doing a tiny part towards a better cause. Moreover, straws bamboo is a reusable product to have in your kitchen.

Thermos Pump Flask Stainless Steel
Have you ever met someone who doesn’t like tea/ coffee? Or any other hot beverage? No right? Exactly! It is safe to say that the Pakistani population is more of a tea lover than a cricket. This high-quality thermos would serve as a great hot beverage dispenser for a quick fix to your caffeine craving. It is convenient to have on a road trip or picnic at the beach to serve hot coffee to your guests.

Muffin Mold Tray:
For your tastefully baked muffins, you definitely need this baking mold tray. Muffins are such a comfort food or a quick lunch to give to kids in school. This best molding tray Jb. Saeed studio allows balanced exposure of heat to the material and experience even baking. Go ahead and invest in baking molds for convenient baking time!

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