3 Fun Things To Do in the Snow

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When winter arrives, many people think of sitting in front of the fire on a cold, blustery day. However, there are several reasons why winter is a great season to participate in outdoor activities. Here are three fun things to do in the snow. 

1. Go Skiing or Snowboarding

Skiing involves gliding over the snow using special equipment, including poles and the skis themselves. The two main types of skiing are:

  • Downhill skiing, where a person uses the slope of a hill to help them descend from the top of the hill down to the base, often while traveling relatively fast
  • Cross-country skiing, which involves a person using their own strength and momentum to assist them in drifting across the snow-covered ground

Skiing can be a relatively pricey sport after purchasing equipment and tickets to enter ski areas. The same can be said for snowboarding, where people use a board to glide down a mountain. However, these activities are a great way to get in a winter workout. 

2. Ride a Snowmobile

A snowmobile is a motor vehicle that people use to cross snowy terrain. Ontario snowmobile tours are a good way to see areas of the countryside that are not visible by cars and other vehicles that travel on public roadways. Depending on where you live, a snowmobile may also be referred to as a snow machine, motor sled, snow scooter, or by some other name. In addition to recreation, people also use snowmobiles for transportation, particularly when trapping or hunting. 

3. Build a Snowman

Building interesting shapes in the snow is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to have fun in the snow. In addition to traditional snowmen, try your hand at building different animals or book characters with the snow. 

Consider one of these activities the next time it snows. 

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