3 Tips to Keep Your Dogs Harness Clean

Our dogs are our best friends, and although we love them- they can be messy from time to time.  Unfortunately, that leads to a lot of us cleaning up after them and dealing with the aftermath!

If you’re worried about having to wash your dog’s harness often and don’t want to wear it out, these are the top three tips to keep in mind! 

Why a Clean Dog Harness Matters

Some may not see the importance of a clean dog harness, but it’s necessary for your dog’s well-being!  A clean harness means your dog doesn’t have to deal with skin irritation or inflammation and that it’ll be extremely visible if your dog gets away with their harness on.

Of course, it also matters because it helps your home feel cleaner when you take the harness off, but it’s mostly for your dog!  After all, nobody likes to see an itchy pup because their harness has dirt on it.

1- Use the Harness for Walks

Don’t take your dog’s harness to a muddy dog park where you know your dog wants to run free and roll around; instead, use it as the walking harness.  This will allow you to teach your dog that you put on the harness right before an outing.  This action will help your pup get used to a schedule faster.

2- Take the Harness Off When At Home

When you don’t need the dog harness on your pup: take it off!  You may like how your dog looks with its harness on, but dogs don’t need to wear harnesses 24/7. This can lead to more sores and fur loss patterns than anything else.  It’s also far more comfortable for your dog if they have its harness off most of the time. 

You should try to keep a collar on your dog most of the time in case they get away, though.

3- Rotate A Handful of Similar Harnesses

If you’re worried about your harness getting dirty and unusable, get a bunch of dog harnesses!  Getting to rotate through them will allow you to always have an option if one is unclean or unable to be used that day.  Try to get all the same size from the same brand to try and keep the fit as similar as possible. 

Make Sure to Clean it By Hand Often.

The best way to clean your harness to make sure it lasts as long as possible is to wash it by hand.  This can be done in a sink, with gentle detergent, at least once a month.  Let the harness hang dry, and make sure it’s completely dry before you try to put it back on your pup.  Avoid drying in the dryer since it could shrink the harness.  Don’t put it through a clothes washer since it can tangle and break.  

Your Dog Deserves a Clean Harness!

Whether your dog loves frolicking at dog parks or is new to socializing with other pups, a harness should be a point of clean and pretty pride!  Help your dog keep it clean, and make sure to clean it by hand as well. 

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