5 Best Games Like Stronghold

Stronghold, a classic RTS, focuses on fortress building and medieval combat. You can find similar games if you like the Stronghold series. Several games feature castle-building, strategic warfare, and medieval themes. This post will discuss five Stronghold-inspired games that are fun for fans.

Stronghold: Warlords

The obvious pick is Stronghold: Warlords. The 2021 Stronghold series game was developed by Firefly Studios. Fans adore Stronghold: Warlords’ fortress construction, resource management, and dramatic warfare. Focusing on Asian history and adding Warlords to the gameplay makes it stand out.

Stronghold: Warlords lets you build and defend castles in ancient Asia and form alliances with Warlords for strategic benefits. Samurais, ninjas, and imperial guards bring variety to your military operations.

Kingdoms and Castles

Lion Shield’s Kingdoms and Castles is a nice and simple castle-building game. Despite being simpler than Stronghold, it’s fun and calming.

Kingdoms and Castles requires you to develop and defend a medieval kingdom from Vikings and dragons. You may create and enhance your kingdom’s layout in the city planning and resource management game. Although the action is less violent than Stronghold, the game’s beautiful graphics and relaxing playability make it ideal for casual gamers.

Age of Empires II HD

Ensemble Studios’ classic RTS Age of Empires II HD was remastered by Hidden Path Entertainment. It emphasizes empire-building and fighting to provide a rich medieval experience, unlike Stronghold.

Age of Empires II HD lets you lead different civilizations via historical campaigns. To defend your civilization from enemies, the game lets you build walls, castles, and fortresses. You may command knights, archers, and siege weaponry in epic battles. RTS fans must play the HD edition for its visuals and multiplayer.


Banished by Shining Rock Software approaches city-building and resource management differently. Instead of Stronghold’s military, it offers a tough and rewarding medieval town management experience.

Banished lets you lead a group of banished travelers who settle a harsh wilderness. Community survival and expansion are your top priorities. Resource management, job allocation, and town planning are crucial. Food shortages, severe winters, and illnesses will arise as your population increases. Banished takes a distinct approach to medieval fiction by emphasizing peaceful community formation.

Rise of Nations

Large-scale city-building and real-time tactics mix in Big Huge Games’ Rise of Nations. Though it doesn’t centered on medieval periods, it has complex strategic gameplay like Stronghold.

In Rise of Nations, you start with one city and build a civilization from ancient times to the present. A large tech tree lets you investigate technology, produce wonders, and fight with many units. Despite not being a castle-building game, you may build strongholds and fight epic battles that will remind you of Stronghold’s sieges.


These five games offer a variety of Stronghold and medieval castle-building experiences for fans. Every castle-building fan can find something they like, whether it’s Stronghold: Warlords, Kingdoms and Castles, or Rise of Nations. Banished also takes a fresh approach to town administration, making it intriguing.

These medieval games let you go on epic quests, create gorgeous castles, and lead your army to victory. Each game retains the spirit of castle construction and strategy, providing hours of fun for Stronghold aficionados and medieval gamers.

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