5 Best Pre Wedding Locations in London

London is undoubtedly one of the iconic destinations for a pre-wedding photoshoot. The city has a rich historical heritage with many popular places which blend romance and grandeur. If you are looking for Sikh wedding photography in London, then you may be wondering about the best destinations for a pre-wedding photoshoot. 

As a matter of fact, you can find many destinations for pre-wedding photography in London. However, the abundance of options generally leads to confusion. Considering the fact that your wedding is one of the memorable moments in your life, you would want the best. Let us find some of the top destinations in London for pre-wedding photography.

Best Places for Pre-wedding Photography in London 

The best thing about London for pre-wedding photography is the creative freedom. An Asian wedding photographer could make the most of an unparalleled assortment of shoot locations. Here are some of the top choices you are most likely to find suitable for pre-wedding photography in London. 

  1. The Streets of London

Yes, you can hit the streets of London for pre-wedding photography. The atmosphere of London always gives you something interesting for creative inputs in a pre-wedding photoshoot. You can try out conventional Hindu wedding photography styles in combination with the visual tapestry of gardens, people, cars and pubs. The streets of London give you graffiti-covered walls and buildings crafted with Victorian splendour. You won’t fall short of any choices practically.

  1. Big Ben and Houses of Parliament

When you are in London for a pre-wedding photoshoot, you cannot help but notice Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. The exemplars of British heritage with their neo-gothic style do not compromise in terms of being photogenic. You can find spacious streets near these locations alongside many other iconic spots for a pre-wedding photography shoot. Any reliable Sikh wedding photography service provider would also suggest crossing the Westminster Bridge and taking pictures from a different angle.

  1. Greenwich

One of the common elements required in Hindu wedding photography often points towards variety. Greenwich offers a rustic, rural feel with wide-open spaces, heritage buildings and pathways graced by trees on each side. Some of the local landmarks in Greenwich, such as Old Royal Navy College, can also be great picks for pre-wedding photoshoots. 

  1. Victoria Park 

Victoria Park is another promising pick among pre-wedding photography destinations in London for an Asian wedding photographer, considering the variety of shooting spots. The gritty, urban vibe of the park is one of the foremost factors which add up to its versatility. Most important of all, Victoria Park has a distinct character to it. 

  1. The Royal Parks

Speaking of parks as a choice for pre-wedding photoshoots in London, you can always trust the Royal Parks. You can find many picturesque shoot locations in Regents Park, Green Park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and St. James Park. Interestingly, Buckingham Palace is in close proximity to the Royal Parks. So, you can add something special to your pre-wedding photoshoot with a trip to the parks. 

Final Words

The various destinations for pre-wedding photography in London have distinct vibes and multiple options for everyone. Asian wedding photography service providers could help you find locations that suit your preferences. However, it is important to do your own research before finalizing a specific recommendation. Find out more places for a pre-wedding photoshoot in London right now.         

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