5 Important Steps to Take After a Bike Accident in Chandler

You are riding a bicycle in Chandler, Arizona. It is all fun and an environmentally friendly way to get around. Then, suddenly, a vehicle hits you from nowhere.

The high volume of vehicle traffic throughout the city can be confusing at first. Most commonly, motor vehicle drivers cause accidents, but other causes include poor roads.

If you or a loved one gets caught up in a bicycle collision in the Chandler area, take the following steps as soon as possible. Following the steps will improve your ability to recover damages and protect your legal rights after the crash.

1. Seek Any Needed Medical Care Right Away 

No matter the extent of the injuries, the priority is to seek medical attention after an accident. Failure to notice obvious signs of injury causes many to ignore or delay medical attention. 

The reality is that shock and adrenaline mask signs of internal trauma, fractures, organ damage, and other severe harm. Apart from being treated for injuries, the medical documentation provides vital evidence for an insurance claim or lawsuit later. 

2. Gather Crash Scene Details and Evidence

A bike accident is definitely a scary situation. But if you aren’t too injured, try to gather as much helpful information as possible from the bicycle accident area. For example, take photos capturing street conditions, road hazards, traffic signs and signals, weather issues, sight line obstacles, vehicle damage, skid marks, debris, and anything related to the collision. 

Get contact details and statements from eyewitnesses whenever feasible, too. The more evidence available, the better when negligence is shown to have caused the wreck. Experienced Chandler bicycle accident lawyers can also pursue evidence requests on your behalf.

3. File a Crash Report with the Chandler Police

Depending on the nature of the collision, you should go to the nearest Chandler Police and report. Sometimes, the police may be present to investigate. Either way, you will need an official police report to submit an injury claim demand or lawsuit related to the bicycle crash. 

When reporting, provide an honest account of what happened, avoiding any statements that could be construed as admitting fault. From there, Chandler bike accident lawyers will handle communications about legal liability and blame.

4. Notify Relevant Insurance Companies  

The motor vehicle driver’s insurance provider needs notification of the accident, as this company will likely pay an eventual injury settlement. Get their policy details, then call their insurer immediately to open a claim file on the incident. 

You must report the bicycle crash quickly per policy notification deadlines.  An experienced local personal injury lawyer can handle required communications with insurers for you as well.   

5. Consult  Qualified Chandler Bike Accident Lawyers

More importantly, promptly contact an accomplished bicycle accident attorney in the Chandler area after your crash. An experienced legal professional gathers evidence, notifies insurance, makes negotiations, and handles claim filing procedures

Bicycle accident lawyers determine what settlement value reasonably accounts for all categories of damages in cases like yours. 

Take the Right Actions After Accidents Cause Harm  

Bicycle riders have legal rights when driver negligence results in collisions causing harm on Chandler streets. Following these five steps positions you to secure fair compensation with help from a dedicated legal advocate. Connect today with accomplished Chandler bike accident lawyers to discuss the details of your case and craft an effective plan moving forward. 

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