5 Reasons Why Oral Health Should Not be Neglected

Dental care is crucial. Teeth often get taken for granted until they start hurting. When brushing and flossing don’t occur regularly, it can lead to tooth decay, infection, and pain. It’s important to practice proper dental hygiene at home and visit a dentist regularly to ensure a person’s teeth stay healthy as long as possible. A dentist can perform regular dental cleanings to help clean and strengthen the enamel of the patient’s teeth.

Unfortunately, for many patients, dental care isn’t always affordable. The fear of dental costs can stop many patients from seeking the dental care that they may need. Many dentists offer sliding pay scales and accept dental insurance to help compensate for this and reduce that level of fear.

Reasons to Have Good Oral Health

There are multiple reasons a person may need to schedule a dental appointment with experts like the best cosmetic dentist in Irvine. From tooth decay to routine dental cleaning, there are many reasons to seek dental care when having discomfort or pain. Many patients seek dentists when experiencing severe tooth pain that over-the-counter medications can’t alleviate. This pain is often related to a tooth that has become damaged, infected, or severe tooth decay.

Some of the more severe reasons a person should visit a dentist are:

Weakened Teeth – Teeth that become neglected will turn weak and brittle over time. The longer bacteria builds up in a person’s mouth, the more time it has to break down tooth enamel. When tooth enamel weakens, it becomes vulnerable to decaying, chipping, or cracking.

Dental Caries – Tooth decay, or dental caries to dentists, occurs when patients neglect their oral health. Enamel does not heal on its own, making it crucial for patients to seek a dentist’s help.

Periodontal Disease – Plaque and tartar build-up collect along the gum line over time, irritating the gingiva. This build-up occurs when patients neglect their at-home dental hygiene. If left unchecked, periodontal disease can lead to serious health issues as it destroys the entire oral health system.

Tooth Loss – Neglecting one’s teeth will inevitably lead to tooth loss. It’s often expensive to replace lost teeth with dental implants or dentures without insurance to help. Once one or more teeth are missing, a person’s well-being is greatly affected by decreasing oral function. Their self-esteem may also drop due to the change in personal appearance.

Oral Disease – As a whole, oral disease is a blanket term for the various bacteria and the damage they can cause to gum, enamel, and the overall oral system. Oral diseases have been linked to risks for heart disease, stroke, and Alzheimer’s in recent studies.

Overall, it’s best to seek dental care at the first signs of discomfort in the gum or a tooth. A dentist can diagnose the issue and determine the best course of treatment for the patient. Many dentists offer sedation treatments to help anyone having dentist-related anxiety.

Seeking Dental Care

Seeking out dental care is vital when suffering from oral pain of any kind. Pain can be a hindrance to the body both physically and mentally. At the earliest signs of oral pain or changes in oral health, a dental appointment is the best step to take first. Our dental professionals at Magnolia Dental can diagnose and treat your oral problems quickly and affordably. Let us help you retain good oral health practices and a winning smile.

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