5 Top Water Purifier Issues That People Face

A water purifier can operate trouble-free for 4 to 5 years if properly maintained. Following that, you can start to experience some typical water purifier issues. Not all people’s problems with water purifiers are related to water leaks.

After using a water filter for a while, many additional problems may occur, such as strange tastes and smells, noisy faucets, and slow water pressure. You may quickly identify the issue and get it rectified by using the five most frequent water purifier issues listed in this article.

  • RO Water Tank Is Taking Too Long To Fill Up

This is one of the most common problems that RO water purifier users face. In this instance, the tank of the purifier either fills slowly or not at all. This results from the water pressure being exceptionally low, or between 40 and 60 PSI. As previously mentioned, a broken or clogged filter membrane may be responsible for it too.

You must change them once a year in order to maintain adequate pressure in the membrane. Alternatively, if the low-pressure source is anything else, you may need to have a pump installed. So, you need to look for a professional water purifier service near me in Mumbai.

  • Noisy Faucet

The water purifier’s drain pipe or faucet may occasionally make an odd noise after replacing the filter cartridges. The purifier actually works perfectly. Therefore, you do not need to replace it. This frequently occurs when the system’s water pressure changes or air is forced out of the system. An expert should inspect the tubing if the noise persists hours or days after changing the filter. The noise could also be audible if the tank’s valve is not properly closed.

  • Bad Taste or Foul Odour of Water

The RO water purifier doesn’t inherently have a bad taste or smell. RO water filtration doesn’t change the water’s odour or taste in any way. In any case, if you notice a difference in the odour or taste of the RO water as you drink it, there is a problem. The presence of chlorine, which stinks, is the most well-known cause of bad odour and taste. If the channels are not properly purifying the water, this might happen.

Additionally, since you frequently consume water that is only somewhat polluted, you may occasionally find that RO-filtered water tastes different to you; nevertheless, this is okay since you will become used to it. However, you must alter the water pathways if you believe there is anything abnormal and unnatural going on and you don’t want this problem to persist.

If the sanitised water is kept in the capacity tank for an extended period of time without being used, it may also develop a scent. Regularly discard any filtered water that has been sitting in the storage tank for more than two days.

  • Leakage Of Water

The most prevalent problem is RO water leakage. On occasion, you can see a water puddle close to your RO. This may be apparent due to water leaks caused by the pipe couplings’ loose connections. Make sure all of the pipe fittings are firmly in place by checking them again.

If you see any drips or leaks, contact a RO professional. Leaks in a water filter might result in a number of problems if they are not immediately fixed. The expert will thoroughly examine the water filter to find the leak’s origin.

  • Auto Shut-Off Failure

The RO automatically finishes the cleaning cycle when its water storage tank reaches a certain level, at which point it also shuts off. If the auto shut-off feature isn’t functioning as intended, the purifier will run continuously. This would cause water to leak from the capacity tank into the RO crevices and gaps. Then, contact a RO specialist to repair or replace the problematic component.

So, this post ends with the five most common water purifier problems and their solutions. With timely and proper water purifier maintenance, you can enjoy consuming disease-free and healthy water. Access to the best RO service in Mumbai helps to retain good quality water and enhance the system’s performance. It also improves its overall functioning and extends its lifespan. Changing the essential parts and replacing them timely can ensure to give you quality and healthy drinking water.

Since the filters of a water purifier function continually, they’re likely to experience some wear and tear. On-time maintenance can help you resolve these issues. Therefore, it is essential to care about the system from time to time. Experts can help to service and repair faults professionally.

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