6 Hair Care Tips for Winter Weather

For almost half of Americans, winter is their favorite season of the year, and for a good reason. Winter weather can feel magical, with snowflakes, icicles, and days getting shorter, which means nights spent by the fire. Winter weather can also wreak havoc on your hair, meaning many people need to switch up their hair routines to ensure they look their best in all their holiday photos. If you’re looking for ways to keep your mane lustrous this winter season, keep reading for the most important hair care tips to implement during cold weather.

Sleep With a Humidifier

You may have a humidifier in your child’s room, or you sleep with one when you’re not feeling well, but they benefit your hair if you sleep with them during winter weather. One of the biggest impacts of cold weather on your hair is drying it out, so restoring moisture to the air while you’re sleeping restores moisture. Talk about beauty rest! If you want to add true luxury to the humidifier experience in your bedroom, purchase a humidifier in which you can add essential oils, like calming lavender or ylang-ylang.

Weekly Masks

Hair masks are an easy way to boost massive hydration in your hair, but you don’t want to overdo it. Investing in a high-quality hair mask that you use once a week can be a game-changer regarding the health of your hair during the winter. Sourcing a hair mask with natural ingredients is your best bet, and you should leave it on for around 5 to 10 minutes in the shower after you shampoo and rinse. When it’s cold outside, most people don’t need to be asked twice if they want an extra 10 minutes under that hot water. Enjoy the relaxation of the shower while your hair is restored and hydrated.

Hair Picks and Other Tools

With everything in life, you’ll always get the best results if you have the best tools. The same is true regarding keeping your hair healthy during harsh cold weather. Many hair types are prone to frizz, but none more so than curly hair. Having the right hair pick to keep your curls intact during styling with all the added moisturizing products you need during the winter is essential. Other tools that can make taming your winter hair easier are ionizing hair dryers, flat irons, and curling wands.

Wear a Hat

If you’re not used to wearing a hat during the winter to keep you warm, let your hair be the inspiration to keep you warm and maintain your beautiful hair during cold weather. It’s important to cover your hair to shield it from the dry air, snow, wind, rain, and other inclement weather. Fabrics like wool and cotton can cause breakage, so if your hair is prone to breakage or frizz, it’s better to opt for a hat made of silk or satin.

Keep Your Appointments

The winter season coincides with the holidays, which brings a lot of stress and overwhelms many people but don’t skip out on appointments with your hairstylist just because your to-do list is long. Getting regular trims every 4 to 8 weeks is an easy way to maintain your hair’s health and keep your hair beautiful. You don’t have to take off a lot of length; less than half an inch is ideal to avoid brittle, split ends.

Wash Less

Unless you have incredibly fine hair prone to oil, washing once a week is all you need to do for your hair. When asked, most hair stylists wash once a week or even every two weeks. Overwashing your hair will strip it of the natural oils that keep it moisturized and protected from winter elements. If you want to extend the time between washes, you can use dry shampoo, but pay attention to whether or not it dries your hair out and if it does stop.

Taking care of your hair in the winter doesn’t have to be hard, especially if you follow the above tips. While it may take some getting used to, many add value to your life beyond just your hair. Here’s to a happy and healthy winter and great hair days!

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