6 Things You Can Expect After Hiring a Women’s Divorce Attorney

Hiring a women’s divorce attorney is a new experience for most women. As a result, it can be difficult to know what to expect during the process. There are lots of factors to consider during a divorce hearing, so you’ll have a lot of questions and concerns after hiring somebody. You can expect your attorney to help with these things and more. Let’s take a closer look at what you should expect after you hire someone.

6 Things You Can Expect After Hiring a Women’s Divorce Attorney

1. Expect To Be Comfortable

First and foremost, comfort is a must. If you’re not comfortable, then perhaps you need to consider hiring someone else. Columbus, OH divorce attorneys for women are plentiful, so you can easily search for someone you gel better with. Pay attention to how you feel while talking to your attorney, and if you have any doubts, then talk them out. Ensure you have someone you can talk to about anything, from dealing with assets to co-parenting after a divorce.

If you find your attorney isn’t willing to talk to you about your doubts about working with them, then it’s time to find someone else. Ask if there’s someone else at the same firm who’d be willing to take on your case.

2. Expect To Know the Fees

A good women’s divorce attorney will be upfront about how much you’ll pay for their services. Your divorce will most likely involve a claim for money, so your attorney can be sure of getting paid that way.

This is called a contingent fee arrangement. It’s common to pay a third of your winnings to your attorney, but fees vary. Your attorney may also be able to advise you on paying court costs such as filing fees.

3. Expect To Be Prepared

They say preparation is the key to success, and they’re not wrong. You’ll need to show up prepared when you’re meeting with your attorney. Take time to gather your thoughts and get all of your significant documents in order. Your attorney may have asked you to fill out some forms ahead of your meeting, so ensure they’re complete and with you when you head out for your consultation.

Writing down a timeline of events and reasons for your divorce will also be beneficial, as it’ll help you keep a clear mind when you start working with your attorney. You should write down questions you wish to ask your attorney before you start working on your case together. Lastly, write down or at least contemplate your desired outcome so your attorney can advise on how to get there. You may have to tweak your outcome a little once you start working.

4. Expect an Initial Consultation

When hiring a women’s divorce attorney, you can expect a consultation with a law firm to start. This will help the attorneys at the firm know whether they want to take on your case or not. However, you should never expect to be assigned an attorney and have that person be the perfect fit straight away. Similarly, when you pick an attorney, you can’t always expect them to be your perfect pick, either.

You’ll have an initial consultation with your chosen attorney when you start working together. You’ll tell the attorney your story, and you’ll get to know each other to ensure you’re comfortable before getting to work. (Remember how comfort is the first thing you should expect?) You’ll start working together seriously if your consultation goes well. If it’s a poor experience, then you’ll consult with another attorney in the firm

5. Expect to Answer Questions

You’ll likely have a lot of questions for your attorney, but they’ll have questions for you, too. Your attorney needs as much information as possible before they start working on your case. This will help your attorney figure out how they’re going to tackle this case, as different issues often require highly different tactics to get the best results for you.

Here are the kinds of questions you can expect to be asked:

  • Why are you seeking a divorce?
  • Are you still living together?
  • Are you separated/how long have you been separated?
  • Do you have children together, and are you aware of the behavioral effects divorce can have on them?
  • What are your assets?

6. Expect Satisfaction

Once you find an attorney you work well with, then you can be sure you’ll end up with an outcome you can be satisfied with. You may not get everything you wanted from the start, but you won’t be displeased with your settlement. Your attorney wants what’s best for you during these trying times.

Comfort, preparation, and a lot of questions and answers during your consultation are the first things you’ll go through once you hire somebody. It can be nerve-wracking at first, but rest assured, you’ll end up satisfied in the end when you choose the attorney that’s right for you and your case.

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