7 Effective Ways to Kickstart Your Wellness Journey This Year

Wellness is about much more than diet and exercise. The goal of your wellness plan must include making your life simpler as well as healthier. Adding five new tasks each day that focus on wellness will be tough to sustain if you’re already swamped.

1. Get Great Quality Sleep

If there’s a television in your bedroom, move it out. If you spend time on your phone when you should be sleeping, put your phone on the charger across the room from where you sleep. For those who struggle with anxious thoughts, a CBD dose before bed may help.

2. Work Out Early

Do your best to get in your daily exercise early. Move your body when you get out of bed and stretch before you shower. You may choose to be more active after work, but getting in a workout early is a terrific way to frame your day for success. To make sure your workout happens, put your workout clothes in the bathroom before you go to bed.

3. Get Organized

Getting organized is a terrific way to reduce your stress load. Prep overnight oats before you go to bed. While you’re prepping them, put together a salad you can eat at work tomorrow. Before you leave for work, load your crockpot or set something in the refrigerator to thaw so you can cook a quick, healthy meal when you get home.

4. Reduce Stress

Uncertainty is exhausting and the world is full of it right now. As best you can, control uncertainty by

  • starting a daily meditation to clear your mind
  • cut down on sugar and caffeine to stop the energy roller coaster effect
  • load your refrigerator and cabinets with healthy foods

Decision fatigue is a real challenge in today’s world. The more you can organize your life around healthy choices, the lower your stress will be.

5. Learn New Recipes

Study the blue zone diet and learn a few new recipes from the parts of the world that live longest. Try five new foods and perhaps you can incorporate at least three new recipes into your routine.

6. Boost Your Intake of Raw Foods

Raw fruits and veggies contribute to wellness in many ways. They boost your fiber intake and are good for your gut. They provide hydration and satisfy your sweet tooth without a lot of processed sugars. Pair an apple with your lunch sandwich. Instead of chips, peel and segment a juicy orange.

7. Build Non-Screen Habits

It’s very easy to fall into the hole of social media and other screen entertainments. Hours can fly by during which you are probably sitting too much. Learn a new habit that allows you to listen to an audiobook or a podcast. From crocheting to paint by numbers, do what you can to break away from screens.

Make a list of your wellness goals on gridded paper. Create columns that include simple steps you can take to be healthier each month. Use markers, stickers, or glitter pens if you prefer to celebrate your progress.

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