7 Reasons to Hire a Family Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a life-changing decision that can have far-lasting and far-reaching effects. You may feel that hiring a family divorce lawyer is just another task on an already long list demanding your attention. But in Houston, TX, an attorney can do far more than represent you in court. They can guide, advise, and support you during a trying time.

7 Reasons to Hire a Family Divorce Lawyer in Houston, TX

1. Explore Alternative Methods of Conflict Resolution

Lawyers spend many hours working, negotiating, and listening to family disputes that can negatively impact those involved. It is for this reason that most attorneys readily give advice.

Sometimes, attorneys advise against going to court so a case can instead be settled with mediation. Family law hearings can impair a couple’s ability to maintain a positive relationship and lead to bitterness. Mediation helps prevent this corrosion and promotes collaborative decisions. Mediation can also grant greater control over the terms of your divorce, including visitation schedules and property division.

2. Stop Bullying

Couples in divorce often make hurtful threats against each other, claiming the other party will never get any money and/or never see the children again. These statements usually come from a place of frustration but can effectively silence the other spouse. That person may feel if they don’t agree with the threatening party’s demands, the worst will happen and they’ll be separated from their children or left penniless.

Houston’s top family divorce lawyer can explain the law and help you see through meaningless threats. They can advocate for your rights and negotiate with your spouse’s attorney. In cases of combative or abusive relationships, an attorney serves as a barrier. They can minimize communication between you and your spouse to absorb the hostility and help you move forward.

3. Navigate the Courts

Today’s courts are overburdened by fewer resources and more work. For judges, this often means an unrealistic caseload that demands they move quickly. You are expected to arrive at court with evidence in hand and your argument well-rehearsed. If you fail in these steps, the judge may believe you don’t care or, worse, don’t respect the court’s processes.

You will lose both respect and credibility if you appear to be wasting the judge’s time. A family lawyer can help you prepare for each hearing and will know how to challenge allegations on your behalf. A lawyer also knows how to build a case in a clear, concise way. Direct and efficient communication is not only the most persuasive but also the most helpful to the judge.

4. Secure Your Financial Well-Being

Hiring an attorney now can help protect your financial health in the future. To illustrate, they will help you pay or receive the proper child support. They will account for all assets and ensure a fair division of those as well as marital debts. Last but not least, an attorney can prevent the need to return to court in the future and fix costly mistakes. 

5. Prevent Future Conflict

It goes without saying, but your divorce decree must properly address all the issues that arise in a separation, including custody arrangements, child support, and debt allocation. If these issues are missing or not given adequate attention, disputes will arise in the future. The only way to correct them is with post-decree or order-modification litigation.

A Houston, TX lawyer will properly draft and review all court documents to correct errors before the judge signs the final decree. Your lawyer can also discuss with you possible future scenarios and identify potential resolutions.

6. Understand the Law

The law is complex and riddled with small but crucial details that can be easy to miss. Statutes and court orders contain language that is nothing short of confusing. This language means one thing when talking about the law but means something else altogether when used in everyday conversations. Hiring an attorney gives you a partner who fluently speaks legalese and understands the subtle nuances of the law. 

7. Have Someone on Your Side

Divorce is stressful, even when both parties agree it’s time to separate. You must deal with the termination of a relationship as well as the reactions of your family, friends, and neighbors. Worse, you must quickly adjust to a series of life changes and may feel you have nobody to talk to. 

An attorney can serve as a trusted advocate. They will guide your decision-making, protect your and your family’s rights, and keep your conversations private – without passing judgment or making demands.
Divorce is not a process to endure by yourself. With a lawyer at your side, you can explore alternative means of conflict resolution and stop bullying. An attorney can also help you navigate the courts and make fiscally responsible decisions. In short, an attorney can ease tension and anxiety as you explore this next phase of life.

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