7 Reasons to Replace Your Running Shoes 

Doing the regular running routines in an old pair can be tiresome and uncomfortable. Using worn-out shoes exposes you to injuries and other stress that impacts your legs and joints. Do away with such scenarios by replacing them with new pairs, go to the nearest sports store or online running shoes platform. In this article, you will learn the tips for identifying worn- shoes.

Injuries and Pain

Experiencing pain and injuries from the running shoes is the primary indicator for you to replace them with new ones. Running shoes should give your feet a good feeling; you should feel comfortable in them when running. Therefore, whenever you start experiencing any sores on your feet that you never had before. So, to avoid all these problems, you will have to get new pairs. Always listen to your body; this is one of the best ways of knowing when to replace your pairs.

High Mileage on the Shoes

In tracking the total number of mileages on your running shoes, the place where you do the regular running routine is a determining factor. You run on the trails and rough paths; a replacement will be required soon than expected.

Tracking the date when you bought them and the number of mileages, they have on them can be challenging. You can have the date and the miles you cover every week inside the shoes to avoid all this.

Now that you can know the purchase date and miles covered, estimation on the miles you’ve run in them won’t be a problem. The way you maintain your shoes, you may not need to replace them at the higher end of the required mileage. 

Bad Shock Absorption

When running and every minute, you can feel the impacts on your feet, hips, and knees in every step you make; it is a sign that your shoe’s shock absorbers have declined. Running is one of the sports with high impact; shoes with suitable shock absorbers will minimize the strains on your tendons, bones, and muscles.

Damaged Treads

To tell if your running shoes need a replacement, check on the soul and confirm if the treads are still intact or worn out. In the entire shoe structure, the sole is the part that lasts longer than any other, so whenever they are worn out, it’s a clear sign that you need a replacement. Don’t wear shoes whose soles are worn out; this doesn’t mean you can throw them away; instead, you can preserve them for the garden and other indoor activities.

Uneven Wear

There are times when shoes wear out unevenly; therefore, you should be keen on such incidences. Check your tread wear patterns; if there is a gait case, you will need to talk to a professional shoe dealer. The expert will advise you on what to do to solve the problem. One of the remedies can be changing your running formats, but a replacement may be necessary.

New Pairs Feels Better

Running in comfortable shoes, you will be free from injury risks. For smooth running exercise, the shoes need to be more comfortable, as it will enhance form and movement when running. If a new pair feels more comfortable than the old one, a replacement is a must. Use the new pair to contrast against the old one and determine if it’s time to keep them out of the running activities.

Twist Test

Take your running pairs and twist them at both ends, if it remains firm, it’s still in the perfect shape, but if you observe easy twisting, the shoe requires a replacement. This test doesn’t apply to all running shoes, as the lightweight ones are likely to fail. Conduct the test on the sturdy ones that have many miles on them.


No matter the maintenances practices you do on your running shoes, after 400 miles, you will need to replace them. Kindly observe the above signs to know when to replace your running shoes.

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