7 Stylish Ways To Incorporate American Flag Patches Into Your Outfit 

This time of year, we catch ourselves asking the same question over and over again: How are we Americans so fascinated—if not obsessed—with American flag apparel? 

By now, you’ve undoubtedly noticed a significant number of people wearing swimming suits, shorts, and T-shirts with the American flag on them. However, you may also purchase star-and-stripes-adorned cowboy hats, stilettos, and flag overalls. (Perhaps avoid wearing all three at once.) 

Of course, the month between Memorial Day (the final Monday of May) and the Fourth of July is when this fascination with all things red, white, and blue is at its peak, but if you look closely, you can see it all year long.  

How does the flag make a difference?  

The flag is nothing more than a fabric representation of a symbol, but it has the power to unite and inspire people, especially concerning attire. 

According to surveys, the percentage of customers who purchased clothes between one and three times a month decreased to 13.4% in 2019 from 15.5% in 2017, whereas the number of people who bought clothing on a monthly basis increased by one point to 31.9%. 

A return to fundamentals seems to be the theme of the moment, according to Rachel Bennett, creative director of The Doneger Group. “The 1990s saw a lot of popularity for the flag itself, and people frequently bring up that era.” This is one of the wholesome moments of why some people like to stick to the basics instead of going all out on outfits they don’t require. After all, it’s the 4th of July that marks the beginning of something else.  

So, while you’re at it, let’s discuss stylish ways to integrate American flag patches into your outfits.  

1. Khaki and denim are two great choices for patriotic clothing 

Since denim and khaki are traditional American materials, they go well with patriotic attire. Consider wearing an American flag shirt with a khaki skirt or the opposite. With this combination, you cannot go wrong. Wear a goonies t-shirt with your khaki and denim clothes for a little extra flare.  

Also, locating an internet clothing retailer established by veterans is simple. In addition, you’ll be helping a worthy cause! 

2. Backpack Glory: Proudly Wear Your Patriotism 

Draw attention to yourself anywhere you go by wearing a backpack with American flag patches. This item is practical and fashionable, in addition to lending a dash of patriotism.  

A flag-patched backpack easily blends function and style, whether you’re going to class, the office, or a weekend excursion. To bring out the patriotic accents, pair them with neutral hues. 

3. Patchwork Exceptionality: Tailored Coats for Urban Chic 

If you add American flag patches to your jackets, you may elevate your outerwear. Adding flag patches to a traditional denim jacket, bomber, or leather item gives it an edge and a unique look. Try different places, such as the back, the chest, or the sleeves, to get a unique design that fits your style. This street-style-inspired method makes sure you are noticeable among the masses. 

4. Flag-themed blazer 

Without a doubt, this is the world’s most patriotic men’s USA-themed jacket. This crimson men’s suit jacket with a vintage Western theme will make you want to cry, along with the sound of a little kid reciting the National Anthem. This red, white, and blue suit jacket is a good representation of what a bald eagle might appear like if it were soaring over a United States flag on July Fourth. 

5. Skirt along with a blouse 

There are methods to seem patriotic without going overboard when you are unwilling to wear the real American flag design. All you need is the stars and stripes found on the American flag, coupled with a slight flag patch.  

Match a patterned maxi skirt with a star-patterned top (Nordstrom carries these). Forever 21 has a red and white striped skirt. There are a ton of incredible ways to appear patriotic this summer, like this one. P.S. You may completely change the stars and stripes! 

6. We, the People 

The fundamental principle of our nation—a government of the people, for the people—is succinctly expressed in the first three words of the Constitution’s Declaration of Independence. The written text and the way they occur on the paper are depicted in this three-color artwork, which also features an image of an American flag that has been hand-painted to symbolize the nation’s attitude of do-it-yourself.  

There are numerous possible design combinations for which the title, patch, and text can be placed independently. 

7. The Free’s Home, Made Possible by the Brave 

This artwork delivers a striking message about the most extraordinary sacrifices that our heroes have made throughout history. Use it as a stand-alone design or for any patriotic holiday. You are free to add your text and patch because they are not part of the illustration.  

Using the color of your choice for the T-shirt would produce a potent single-color design that would look great as a back print. 

In the end! 

Wearing any of these outfits will make you look like a stylish patriot. While the Fourth of July celebration will quickly reappear next year, it’s time to start thinking about your celebratory outfits. Bandana designs, denim cutoffs, and stars and stripes are great options for showcasing your patriotic flair.  

Additionally, you shouldn’t be afraid to wear shades of white, red, and blue together to create a stylish and classic ensemble. So, on this Fourth of July Day, or almost any day for that matter, go ahead and proudly display your patriotism.