8 Tips to Keep Your E-Liquid and E-Cig in Ideal Condition

It’s not always sufficient to have a fantastic e-cigarette and salt nicotine—even the greatest gadget in the world can break from heavy use or wear and tear. Luckily, you can maintain the best possible quality for your e-cigarette with the following 8 guidelines.

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1. Avoid Having Your Eliquid Run Too Low: 

Bottom Dual Coil clearomisers (BDCs) cannot draw in enough eliquid if the eliquid level is below the holes in the atomiser. There is a chance that this will dry burn. This tastes bad, and there’s a chance it will burn out your atomizer.

Just make sure the e-liquid in your Myle V5 Meta device doesn’t run too low by topping it out on a regular basis.

2. Keep Your Battery Terminal Clean.

In order to connect to the clearomiser, a terminal must be clean. This can hinder performance. All you need to do to keep the terminal clean is dab it with a cotton bud. Using the same method, you may also clean the clearomiser’s end.

This has a lot of potential impact. Some vapers revealed that he had assumed his battery had died, but that it was now operating at peak efficiency following a thorough cleaning.

3. Store Your Ecig Correctly

You need enough airflow over the coil in your clearomiser to maintain a suitable vaping temperature, which is why it has air holes. Additionally, they are crucial in maintaining the eliquid saturation of your wick. The e-liquid in an e-cigarette may eventually leak if it is left on its side or upside down because of these openings.

  • Keep e-cigarettes upright. As a result, the airspace won’t be overflowed.
  • Keep away from water when storing.
  • Stay out of the direct sunlight.
  • Stay away from hot weather.

4. Keep Your Clearomiser and Atomiser Clean

It is possible to maintain great performance and prolong the life of your atomizer and clearomiser by maintaining them.

i. Take the clearomiser out of the battery.

 ii. Disassemble the mouthpiece and atomizer (if you can; note that not all clearomisers are designed to be disassembled). I

ii. Use hot water to wash, not boiling. 

IV. Let it air dry for a minimum of 24 hours.

Furthermore, certain readers have suggested utilising denture pills for cleaning, or you might use professional ultrasonic drying equipment to clean your clearomiser.

5. Keeping Your Mouthpiece Clear

Vapour flow might be obstructed by the accumulation of dust and fluff in your mouthpiece.

Just take out the mouthpiece and exhale through it to make things clear. Additionally, you can clean the mouthpiece in warm water or remove any condensed e-liquid with a twist of tissue paper.

6. Store your e-cigarette in a case or on a chain.

Although many people have been able to quit traditional cigarettes thanks to electronic cigarettes, these amazing devices are nevertheless subject to the forces of gravity.

E-cigarettes are easily misplaced or broken. While a lanyard wraps your device securely around your neck and stops it from getting lost or eaten by ravenous sofas, a case can assist safeguard delicate parts when not in use.

7. Don’t Run Your Batteries Right Down

Your battery life can be increased by maintaining some charge in them. When preparing for travel or lengthy trips, make sure the batteries are charged, and stay out of direct sunlight.

8. Take Care Not to Tighten the Clearomiser Too Much

It is possible to break the connections in a clearomiser by screwing it in too firmly. Apply a hand-tight but not overly tight screw to secure the clearomiser.

Occasionally, removing a clearomiser from the battery may be a challenge. If so, attempt to loosen it with a tool like a rubber grasp. The clearomiser and the battery may get damaged if you ever use your tools near it.

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