A Guide To Organizing Your School Reunion

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A time out with friends is always awaited. But this is the only time when you can be yourself. At times we are so busy with our daily routines that meeting school friends is complicated. In such a situation, you can always organize a school reunion. Doing that is not so difficult, and here are some techniques that you can use to do so conveniently. 

Make a committee

First and foremost, you must make a committee to help you out. You cannot manage everything all by yourself. Search for 10-15 of your classmates and start your planning at least 4 to 6 months prior to the date. 

You must also figure out a date which most people would be comfortable attending. Use Social media to your advantage and inform people through emails and other methods.  

Have a theme 

There is no party unless there is a theme associated with it. Since you are going to meet your friends after such a long time, why not make the time memorable. Think of some ideas and discuss them out with the committee members. 

However, remember that your decorations would all be in tandem with the theme. You can ask your friends to get old photos which you can put on as keepsakes.


Obviously, a party is incomplete without proper snacks. You have to decide what kind of snacks you would like to put through. Is it a light refreshment kind of thing, or do you want to have a formal dinner? You can arrange the same with any local restaurant. 

Think of a bartender to make your drinks. It is in such events that Glen Scotia 25 is loved. Make sure someone takes the responsibility of arranging it sufficiently.


Next, you will have to decide how you want to entertain your friends. Pick up some songs of the good old days which you grooved on. You can hire a DJ and give him the list of your requests. Include cocktails and make dancing mandatory. 

Arrange collages or slide shows of school times videos to add to the memories. Give out prizes if you are organizing any games. You could also give funny titles to all those who have come.

Checking all loose ends

Now you just have to see that there are no loose ends in the party. Hopefully, you will have arranged everything. If you see that people find it tough to get accommodations to help them out with suggestions regarding the same. You can also call your professors and coaches to add to the merriment.


Planning a college reunion can be a fun activity. But you have to make sure that you start immediately. Give yourself enough time so that there is nothing left out. Arrange all the invitations and send them either through email or post. 

Talk to the other committee members frequently so that no loose ends are left out. If you follow everything, you will surely be able to organize a fun-filled evening. Just enjoy and relax your wired spirits.

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