Best Agents for Valorant in Act 2 – Guide about Amazing Characters

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Read about some amazing agents characters in Valorant game which is the best free to play multiplayer FPS shooters game of all time.


Online gaming is touching new heights in the gaming community. After the pandemic COVID-19, more and more players are devoting their leisure time to gaming—some of the trending games like Among Us, Fall guys, and the most popular one Valorant.

There is no doubt that Riot is looking forward to competing with one of the best competitive games, Counter-Strike Global Offense. And indeed, Valorant is quite booming among PC players as it features similar concepts and mechanism in-game.

What makes Valorant fun to play yet competitive is every agent’s unique abilities. The agent’s abilities make the overall gaming experience more fun and interesting, and that a significant difference between CS: GO and valorant.

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However, the game is more comfortable adapting to new players also. Many professional players are shifting to Valorant for their future careers. Valorant is here for the long run in the gaming market.

Therefore, we have listed out the best agents in valorant. These agents are most popular in competitive matches and have a good synergy with altogether with other agents. Choosing an agent is a crucial decision in games for balancing attack and defense.

Here’s a list of five best agents that you should try in Act 2 :


A duelist that has abilities to dash and updraft that allows her to distract enemies. Her movement even makes it difficult to hit when she’s gliding. A perfect agent to enter frag and create a diversion.

Her ultimate ability blade storm is deadly enough to eliminate a whole team if used by the right player. Her cloud smokes are excellent for clearing off the enemy’s vision for a short time.

However, the agent has a lot of frag potential and doesn’t have much synergy with other agents. Overall, the most versatile agent can clear away any path on its own.


A right balance of Duelist, Initiators, and sentinels is vital for any team. Cypher can hold a single site handed on its own. His trap wires and cages are useful to delay enemies attack.

You can perform a lot of variations with cyphers like placing trap wire for backstabbing, one-way cage for defense, and his camera for marking enemies.

Cyphers ultimate can reveal locations of enemies anywhere on the map, which is excellent for clutch situations.


Another sentinel that can put any team in dire straits. After the nerf of sage, Cypher and Killjoy are the most used sentinels in competitive matches.

There’s no doubt that killjoy has abilities that can cause some severe damage to enemies. Moreover, placing her turret, nano swarms in various positions to keep on distracting enemies.

Her ultimate lockdown stands very well for its name as it freezes enemies that stay under the radar.


Sova belongs to the initiator’s category. Their primary role is to set up their teammates for execution as they get information and support flashes. The amount of information sova gets for his team is enormous.

His bow and arrows are magnificent in gathering payers’ positions even in tight spots. Shock dart and hunters’ fury are the abilities that can give enormous damage if appropriately positioned. However, sova is hard to master as you need to learn all the lineups and spots for darts.

Furthermore, sova is also equipped with an owl drone that can travel ahead of player location and tag enemies.

5. Reyna

When it comes to firepower, Reyna is the only potent agent for fragging potential. She is one of the most potent duelists to cause a massive amount of damage.

Besides, her ability to self heal after every kill and dismiss to catch enemy off-guard. Not just that, she can also flash enemies in short-range to provide entry kills for the team.

Along with that, her ultimate empress is just made to annihilate enemies with increased fire rate and self heal automatically after each kill. That’s undoubtedly a powerhouse for big plays.

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In conclusion, these are the top 5 agents that are frequently seen in competitive matches. But due to constant updates, their usage might rise or decrease as per the balancing. Therefore, you should always adapt your playstyle according to the current meta.

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