All You Need to Know about Menopur

Fertility issues are as old as time. Yet despite years of research, the hopes of many people of seeing their offspring continue to remain disappointed. Fortunately, the medical field has come a long way when it comes to resolving these issues through treatments like Menopur.  When it comes to female fertility medicines, in particular, Menopur occupies an important place in the market. It is a popular injection despite the high Menopur price and its being somewhat risky. This article discusses all one needs to know about it.


Menopur is a Gonadotropin drug. It is composed of two different hormones found naturally in the body: follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). Both these hormones are naturally produced in the body and can help the ovaries produce eggs for ovulation.


The drug is used to treat infertility issues among women that are not caused by ovarian failure. It is one of the best drugs in this field.


The dosage is subjective and different for different people. Topically, the default dosage is 225 units. These are injected beneath a woman’s skin once a day, starting on the second or third cycle days. It is important to have regular blood tests and ultrasounds tests done so that the dosage can be increased or decreased by the physician accordingly.

Pros of taking the Menopur course

The following are some of the most important pros of going for the Menopur course:

  • Menopur can be taken at home.
  • Menopur is not a controlled drug.
  • Menopur is fairly well-tolerated with very few side effects.
  • It continues to be one of the most successful treatments among easily available treatments for female infertility.

Cons of Menopur

Unfortunately, the Menopur course is not without its own cons. Some of the cons about Menopur include the following:

  • It requires regular visits to a physician.
  • It requires regular blood and ultraviolet tests.
  • There are no generic alternatives available.
  • It is available only on a prescription.
  • It is only available as an injection.
  • The drug is expensive.
  • Like with all gonadotropin fertility treatments, women in Menopur are much more likely to have more than one baby – twins, even triplets. It is prudent to plan accordingly.
  • The whole course can be even more expensive with all the tests that must be taken.
  • Possible side-effects as listed in the next section.

Side-effects of Menopur

Menopur is a mostly tolerable drug, but there are a few side effects that may show up in some cases. These include the following: stomach pain, headache, swelling where the drug was injected, allergic reactions, trouble breathing, etc. While some of these side effects will stop after some time, it is always prudent to have a foreknowledge of all the side effects and to consult one’s physician whenever one notices a side effect.

The Bottom Line

One can easily wrap up the above discussion by concluding that though somewhat expensive in the absence of generic alternatives and requiring a lot of attention; a Menopur course gives many women a chance to conceive and have their own baby. Menopur and Gonal f cost can be considered for making a better decision. Despite its high price and lacking a generic alternative, the drug can be considered to be worth the price by the people trying too hard to have a baby.

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