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An Incredible History of Cheese Strain 

Over the past decades, you could find different marijuana strains, but the one that stood out from the rest is cheese weed. It originates from the marijuana plant, but it gives a specific taste. It seems to be the strain that’s like no other. 

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The cheese weed is a hybrid of cannabis Sativa and Indica, and it has become quite popular recently. It’s a cannabis strain that became known for its taste and effects, and many have reported that it makes them euphoric, happy, and relaxed. Others said that it makes them more productive. It’s a type of weed that’s probably the most efficient of all its rivals. 

What makes cheese weed so special? There’s a list of things we’re going to cover. We will share some information on the history of cheese weed, its effects, benefits, etc.

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History of cheese marijuana 

Cheese strain is a weed from The Netherlands, developed in the early 1980s. A man called Sam the Skunkman moved from California to breed cannabis in The Netherlands, as the place was colder and more peaceful for breeding strains. It all started when Sam created a strain called Skunk no.1, a great strain that had large buds. 

The downside of Skunk no.1 was that it was an extremely smelly strain. At the time, Sam eliminated the fetid strain aroma and added a sweeter smell. After that, a sweeter skunk introduced cheese weed. In the late 1980s, the English farmer discovered this strain, then started making replicas and put it to mass production in the UK. 

Afterward, in the 1990s, the cheese weed gained infamous status in the UK. It also received attention from the underground rave scene. Exodus was the underground rave collective that got its hands on the cheese weed clone. It put tons of seeds into production in the mid-1990s, and shortly afterward, production spread massively across many countries where it was legal. 

production spread massively across many countries where it was legal. 

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Taste, effects, and benefits 

The cheese weed contains tastes that work well with each other. It’s a unique strain with a strong smell and quite a specific taste. It consists of cheese, which is the main factor for its taste. Next to that, the cheese strain contains octanoic acid tips, which combine methyl-t-butyl, methyl, and ethyl acetates, to give a full aroma. 

It’s a combination of pleasant and fetid terpenes that may be weird for some. It has a smell of hexanoic acid and methyl mercaptan, which form the taste and smell of cheese. Cheese weed has a characteristic taste and smell, which may not be for everyone. 

Although being characteristic in taste and smell, many consumers enjoy cheese weed because it gets rid of unpleasant taste. On the other hand, it gives more pleasant ones.  

Since it’s a combination of cannabis Sativa and Indica, the cheese weed can deliver many positive effects. Depending on how much you take, you can feel relaxed or be productive. Since it has a THC compound, the cheese weed can get you high. The cheese weed is effective for people who battle anxiety, chronic pain, depression, appetite loss, and sleep deprivation. 

It works great for stressful situations like meetings, interviews, tight deadlines, or public speaking events. It can help you be uplifted and do everyday activities more efficiently. Cheese weed can improve focus when doing certain obligations. Since it has relaxing effects, the cheese weed also improves your sleep. 

Cheese weed content and growth 

Cheese weed has 40% of cannabis Sativa and 60% of cannabis Indica. Because of that, it’s slightly more beneficial in giving you calming effects. It contains a high CBD amount, but the THC amount is relatively low. The outdoor harvest is in mid-October, and the growth lasts for about five weeks.  

When grown outdoors, the cheese weed can reach up to two and a half meters. You need to think about the right amount of light, weather, and field condition. A cheese weed can withstand varying weather, but the recommended temperature should be around 23°C. You can cultivate the plant more efficiently by bending or cutting away the branches. 

Side effects 

Consuming cheese weed can be fun, but the abuse may cause side effects. They will more likely happen if you use extremely high doses. You can experience red eyes, dry mouth, paranoia, nausea, dizziness, or headaches.  

The right dose 

When consuming cheese weed, start from 5 mg. If that doesn’t give you any effects, increase your dose gradually. In case of need, consult your doctor to help you determine the right amount. You can also do some research about further use of the strain.  


Cheese weed is a strain that has a pretty interesting history. It’s one of the tastiest strains worth checking out. It produces pleasant tastes, and it offers you feelings of satisfaction.  

It’s beneficial in both medical and recreational use. It can make you relaxed, focused, productive, and even high. On the other hand, it works as a medicine for pain, anxiety, depression, and other issues. If you love the taste of cheese, we highly recommend you try this strain out! 

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