Antonball Deluxe A Fun & Addicting Retro-Style Platformer

Breaking-the-bricks platformer Antonball Deluxe is comprised of multiple phases and funny dialogue. Cooper, a gigantic rooster, and Ant On Ball are among the cast of characters in the video game Antonball Deluxe by Summitsphere and Proponent Games.

The two primary game kinds are accompanied by incomplete storylines, and the graphics combine a classic look with modern humour. Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong are among the video games that have influenced Antonball Deluxe.

Under Antonball, additional characters can be unlocked by spending 50,000 chips to drop a random award from the machine in the Extras menu’s Lottery area. In addition, the awards include music tracks and stages that can be listened to in the Recreation Room. In each mode, players win chips based on their score. Certain characters can be unlocked by finishing bonus stages or by beating the game in all modes simultaneously. The user can change the complexity of the stages and three various game modes in Antonball Deluxe to their liking.

Anton leaves Brulo’s and falls into a sewer at the beginning of Antonball mode. Even if the gameplay in Antonball Deluxe has nothing to do with the plot, it is enjoyable and provides much-needed atmosphere. In this mode, which is a combination between Breakout and Super Mario Bros., players must jump, super jump, or rush into the ball to make contact with it. This feature does not appear to work at any time, including during the tutorial, despite the fact that the lesson indicates that players can control the ball’s trajectory by using directional buttons.

Power-ups, such as Triball and Blaster, add to the experience’s diversity (which shoots bricks and enemies.) To advance in the game, enemies must be struck with the ball, shot with the Blaster, or avoided until they leave the screen. The difficulty levels range from easy to highly severe, but players cannot choose between them; they may only select levels. The majority of game time will be spent returning to the last completed level.

In Versus Antonball, the same rules of the original mode apply, but there are brick obstacles on either side of the playing field. Teams of one or more players will engage in head-to-head combat against each other’s walls. The winning team is the first to demolish all of the opposing team’s bricks. This mode is a wonderful reprieve from the frequently challenging and irritating tasks of the usual mode.

Annie participates in Punchball for a lifetime supply of Brulo’s Ballba Tea, which she ultimately wins. Despite the story’s lack of connection to gameplay, Annie’s nasty and competitive personality is nevertheless entertaining. When playing Punchball, you are given a medicine ball to throw at oncoming opponents. Each phase has its own organisation, number of adversaries, and adversary kind. A swift seal and a glove that can capture and fling the ball back are two of the five enemies in Punchball, each of which possesses a unique set of abilities. Players must knock out stunned foes before the effect wears off.

Punchball is a pleasant contrast from Antonball. Even though the player is occasionally encircled by enemies, this mode is significantly easier than Antonball. It is possible to win Punchball in a couple of seconds if you leap over foes and hurl the ball at them, but it can take a very long time if you remain still. Since there is no time benefit in this mode, there is no harm in waiting for the enemy to approach on the majority of stages. Punchball is a more effective method for accumulating lottery chips than Antonball because it is a speedier game.

Arcade-style Antonball Deluxe has witty writing and incredible sound effects, and it’s a tonne of fun to play, but it can also be stressful at times. The character’s sound effects and soundtrack are reminiscent of classic video game themes. There are a total of 69 separate levels, each with a varying degree of difficulty. Antonball Deluxe is a fun and addictive retro-style game with a nostalgic atmosphere, despite a few minor control issues.

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